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KID Overview (Chris -EWCNM)

Jing Well (wood) point KID-1
Ying Spring (fire) point KID-2
Shu Stream (earth) point KID-3
Jing River (metal) point KID-7
He Sea (water) point KID-10
Horary point (water) KID-10
Tonifying/Sedation points KID1 and KID3
Lou Connecting point KID-4
Yuan Source (primary) point KID-3
Xi Cleft point KID-5
Xi cleft point Yin Qiao KID-8
Xi cleft point Yin Wei KID-9
Confluent with Yin Qiao KID6/LU7
Front Mu GB25
Back Shu UB23
What point combination for night sweats? KID7/HT6
What point combination to regulate sweat? KID7/LI4
What is the point for night time epilepsy? KID-6
What is the name of the kidney channel? Foot-Shaoyin
What is the six channel partner of the kidney channel? Heart Hand-Shaoyin
What are the entery and exit points? KID-1 and KID22
What point is best for clearing deficiency heat and nourishing KID-Yin? KID-3
What is first and last point on the kidney channel that meets with the chong/penetrating vessels? KID-11 through KID-21
What is the best KID point to descend and clear pathological ascending qi, yang and deficiency heat or wind harassing the head? KID-1
Name the points in line with the umbiicus? KID16, R8, ST25, SP15
What is main action of KID22-26? unbind the chest, lowers rebellion Qi, benefits the breast
What point nourished KID Yin, Tonifies KID Yang to be used for all types of KID deficiencies? KID-3
What is the major yin point of the KID channel that nourishes KID Yin and regulates the Yin Mobility Vessel (yin Qiao) and is used to treat "seeing spots and stars"? KID-6
What is the best KID point for all KID Yang deficiency and also regualtes water and open/closing of pores? KID-7
What is the distal point for any type of constipation and what is the point combonation? KID-6/SJ6
What KID point regulates water passages and opening and closing of pores to both stop sweating and promote sweating and what are the point combinations? KID7/HT6- Stops sweatingKID7/LI4- Promotes sweating
What KID point can be used to treat all types of edema (LU, KID or SP)? KID-7
What point regualtes conception/pentrating vessel, adjusts menses and stops uterine bleeding from stasis or deficiency? KID-8 (Xi Yin Qiao)
What are 5 Functions of Kidneys? 1-Stores essence, dominates reproduction and deveolpment2-Produce marrow, fills brain, dominates bone, assists in blood production3-Domniates water4-Controls reception of Qi5-Opens ear, manifestion on hair, dominates lower yin orfices
What controls the ming men fire? Kidney yin
Kidneys are the root of what? All true yin and yang in the body, therefore does not suffer from excess
What is the lowest zang organs? Kidneys
How many cun is KID10-21 from the midline and were are they located? 0.5cun
How mnany cun is KID22-27 from the midline and were are they located? 2cun
How many points and branches arise from the kidney channel? 21 points, 2 branches, 1-emerges KID ascends to root of tounge2-emerges LU joins HT and disperses in chest meet R17 (front mu PC)
What is the circadian time for KID F-Shaoyang? 5-7pm
Were does main channel of KID F-Shaoyang start and end? starts under the little toe, ends at lower boarder of the clavicle
Created by: cawalte3