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Chapter 4 Questions

IN the early days of Aryan migrations, who was their chef god? Indra
What hallucinogenic drug was originally taken by the priests? Soma
At least 200,000 years before South Asia was introduced to India by the Aryans, what was India? A paleolithic site
At what time did cultivators build a neolithic society west of he Indus river? between 8000 and 5000 BCE
Why is it hard to follow the development of the Harappan society? Because of us only being able to study only the highest point of the harappan society, which is from around 2500 BCE, and the rest is underwater.
What is yet to be deciphered? Their system of writing
What animal did they first have domesticated? chickens
What type of trade did they encourage? both foreign and domestic trade
What was connected to private bathrooms in houses? sewer systems
When did the Haappan society collapse? after 1900 BCE
What did the Aryan people price? cattle
who prepared a work known as the book of manu? an anonymous sage
Why did they make animal sacrifices? to win the favor of the gods.
Instead of using a system of writing, the Aryans used their secret language to transmit peoms and songs named what? Sanskrit
Why did women practice sati? to demonstrate the dependence on their husbands
How many daily sacrifices in each household did they have to make to get honor for the gods? at least 5 each day
Even under the circumstances, what was as painful as human existence? The cycle of rebirth
Were they very religious? Yes
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