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Actions and Effects

Extra Points

Si Shen Cong "4 Alert Spirits" Calms the Spirit (subdues yang); Pacifies Wind (interior); Benefits Eyes & Ears
Yin Tang "Hall of Impression" Pacify wind (internal) & calm the spirit; Benefits the nose; Activates the channel & alleviates pain. Main point for nasal congestion, Frontal HA, important for insomnia & anxiety
Yu Yao "Fish Waist" Benefits the eyes (mainly external); Relaxes the sinews & alleviates pain (locally of eye or frontal HA)
Tai Yang "Supreme Yang" or "sun" Eliminates wind & clears heat; Reduces swelling & stops pain (eye d/o, deviation of mouth); Activates Qi & blood and alleviates pain (temporal HA, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache of upper gum)
Er Jian "Tip of Ear " top Clears heat and dissipates swelling (blood let for high fever); Benefits the eyes & throat (acute conjunctivitis, sty, pterygium)
Bi Tong "Penetrating the Nose" clear the nose Benefits the nose, for all d/o of nose
Jin Jin & Yu Ye L "Golden Liquid" & R "Jade Fluid" sublingual veins Clears heat & reduces swelling; Generates Fluids; Benefits the tongue; also for severe N/V in pregnancy
Bai Lao "One Hundred Taxations" Transforms phlegm & dissipates nodules; stops cough & dyspnea (rebelling LU qi); local d/o neck & LU; deficiency taxation (chronic xu d/o)
An Mian "Peaceful Sleep" Calms the spirit & Pacifies the LV (dream disturbed sleep, insomnia, restlessness, epilepsy, dizziness, HA, etc)
Hua Tuo Jia Ji "Hua Tuo's paravertebral points" Regulates & harmonizes the Zang Fu organs (often in correspondance w/Back Shu); Benefits the spine; Herpes Zoster
Ding Chuan "Calm Dyspnea" stop asthma Calms dyspnea & wheezing, stops cough (asthma); local neck problems (stiffness)
Wei Guan Xia Shu "ST controller below shu" or "Pancreas Shu" Wasting & thirsting d/o (diabetes)
Pi Gen "Tumor Root" Circulates Qi & Invigorates blood; Dissolves lumps & softens hardness (benign too, in abdomen like enlarged LV or SP, hernia)
Yao Yan "Lumbar Eyes" Strengthens the KDs & benefits the lumbar region; also for urinary or GYN d/o
Shiqi Zhui Xia (Josen) "Below 17th vertebra" Tonifies the KDs & promotes urination; Activates Qi,blood & alleviates pain; main point for low back pain (paralysis, sciatica, herniated disc locally, irregular menses)
San Jiao Jiu/Qipang "Triangle moxibustion" includes CV8 Regulates Qi & alleviates pain; stops diarrhea (chronic cold diarrhea, hernia pain contralaterally, infetrility d/t cold
Zigong Xue "Uterus point" Any uterus problems; Raises & regulates Qi (for uterine prolapse); Regulates menstruation & alleviates pain
Ti Tuo "Lift & support" Raises & regulates Qi (uterine prolapse, GYN d/o, abdominal distentoin & pain, hernia pain)
Shi Xuan "10 Diffusions" Opens the portals & revives consciousness; Drains heat & pacifies wind (acute W or H, windstroke, epilepsy, childhood convulsions, high fever(; numbness/pain of fingers
Si Feng "4 seams" 4 creases Fortifies the SP & dissipates accumulation (esp in children for nutritional impairment & accumulation d/o
Ba Xia "8 pathogens" Clears heat & dissipates swelling (throat, eyes, HA & toothache); local issues of fingers & hand
Yao Tong Xue "Lumbar pain point" Invigorates Qi & blood in the lumbar region (esp acute lumbar sprain when pain is worse on 1 side)
Luo Zhen "Stiff Neck" opposite PC8 Invigorates Qi & blood in the neck region (for acute pain & stiffness like whiplash); also swelling & pain on dorsum of hand, numbness of fingers
Er Bai "2 Whites" Treats prolapse of rectum & hemorrhoids (speciallyh w/blood in stool)
Jian Qian "Front of the Shoulder" Activiates Qi & blood in the shoulder joint (stiffness & pain of ANTERIOR shoulder, numbness, paralysis, frozen shoulder)
Bai Chong Wo "Hundred Inspect Burrow" Cleears heat from the blood; Eliminates Wind & drains dampness for severe itchiness of skin, wind rash, genital itching, sores of lower region
He Ding "Crane's summit" Activates Qi & blood in the knee joint (swellling & pain, weakness/atrohpy of lower limb or knee - LOCAL)
Xi Yan "Eyes of the knee" Dispels WD, reduces swelling & alleviates pain; Main local point for all knee d/o (swelling, pain, weakness, numbness, difficulty flexing & extending,, patellar ligament tendtonitis, arthritis)
Lanwei Xue "Appendix point" Activates the Qi & blood, slears heat & fire poison from LI, for acute or chronic appendicitis
Dannang Xue "Gall Bladder Point" Clears heat & drains damp, for all d/o of GB (cholesystitis or cholrlithiasis, post surgical GB pain)
Nao Qing "Clear the brain point" Issues related to thinking (poor memory, foggy mind), dizziness; foot drop
Shi Mian "Insomnia Point" Descends Qi from the head & calms spirit (insomnis, stress, racing thhoughts)
Ba Feng "8 Winds" NOT on Diabetics w/circulatory issues Clears heat & dissipates swelling; d/o of foot & leg (locally for swelling of dorsum of foot, peripheral neuritis, poor circulation, edema, paralysis); HA, toothache, malaria, irregular menses
Created by: Nyssab