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Collection 5

Historical Introduction Vocabulary

Avarice greed
Alacrity promptness in responding; eagerness
Antipathy strong dislike
Blithe carefree
Conviction fixed or strong belief
Delusion false belief or opinion
Derision ridicule; contempt
Eradication utter destruction; obliteration
Effectual productive; efficient
Expedient convenient; means to an end
Efface erase; wipe out
Effete sterile; unproductive
Effervescent bubbling up; foaming
Ethereal not earthly; spiritual
Impregnable impossible to capture or enter by force
Impart reveal
Imperceptible unnoticeable; so slight as not to be noticed; not clear or obvious to the senses or mind
Impervious resistant; incapable of being penetrated
Iniquity wickedness
Insurrection rebellion; revolt
Insuperable incapable of being overcome
Impetuous impulsive
Integrity sound moral principles; honesty
Melancholy sad; gloom; sorrowful
Ostentatious deliberately attracting notice
Obscurity darkness
Obliterate erase or destroy
Posterity generations to come
Precarious uncertain; insecure; risky; unstable
Ponderous very heavy
Prostrate lying flat
Pervert misdirect; corrupt
Prevalent widely existing; frequent
Proximity nearness
Pensive deeply thoughtful
Parsimony stinginess
Pertinent to the point; applying to the situation
Perennial persistent; constant
Potent powerful or effective
Ponder think deeply
Plausibility believability
Portend signify
Penitent sorry for doing wrong
Resolute determined; resolved; unwavering
Semblance outward appearance; likeness
Sagacious wise; keenly perceptive
Stagnant not flowing or moving
Superfluous more than is needed or wanted; useless
Superficial not profound; shallow
Temporal temporary
Tumultuous violent; noisy and disorderly; greatly agitated or disturbed; stormy
Transient temporary; passing quickly or soon
Transcendent excelling; surpassing
Veracious honest; truthful
Venerable worthy of respect, usually by reason of age
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