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The Road to Revolution

What did Parliament do to the colonies to raise money for their debt? they taxed them
What was the only thing that could settle the quarrel with England in 1775? war
What did King George II summon Christopher Gist to find? a good settlement
Who claimed the land of Canada? France
What did France build to protect their lands? a system of forts
What did the French proclaim regarding the Ohio Territory? they would drive out all foreigners
Why was the Ohio Valley important? it was a vital link between Canada and the Mississippi River
Why did France and England want to make the Indians their allies? they controlled the fur trade in the heart of North America
Where did France and England fight the French & Indian War? the Ohio River Valley
What did the snake in the political cartoon tell the colonists? if they don't stick together they will die
Where did the delegates meet? Albany, New York
Who grew up on a plantation in Virginia? George Washington
Who proposed the Albany Plan of Union? Benjamin Franklin
Who ruled the seas? the British colonies
What was the treaty that ended the French and Indian war? The Treaty of Paris
Who were the Sons of Liberty? a protest group against British policies
Who arrived in Boston in April 1775? the Redcoats
What were the majority of French people? fur trappers
Who walked in the room to meet Captain Joncaire on December 4, 1753? Major George Washington
What did George Washington name his fort? Fort Necessity
What side did the Iroquois join? Neither side
What did the British gain under the Treaty of Paris? Canada and all lands East of the Mississippi River
What is the name of the valley the British drove the French away from? Ohio Valley
What did the Proclamation of 1763 say? settlers were forbidden to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
What did the settlers resent? the tax on tea
What happened at the Boston Tea Party? a group of men dressed like Mohawk Indians burst onto the ship and dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor
What was the name of the Vermonters that Ethan Allen led? the Green Mountain Boys
Who warned General Braddock that he was moving his troops too slow? George Washington
Who became the leader of the British government in 1757? William Pitt
What was the name of the town General James Wolfe was sent to capture? Quebec
Who sent his troops in small ships to quietly sneak into the town? General James Wolfe
Who was sent by the British to keep order in the Ohio Valley? Lord Jeffery Amhearst
Who was the leader of the Native Americans that fought the French? Pontiac
What forbade settlers to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains? the Proclamation of 1763
What was the tax on molasses called? the Sugar Act
What was the tax on legal documents called? the Stamp Act
What is a boycott? an organized campaign to refuse to buy certain goods and services
What does repeal mean? to cancel
What was the Townshend Acts? a tax on goods such as glass, paper, paint, tea and lead
What was the Quartering Act? colonists had to provide housing, candles, bedding & beverages to British soldiers stationed in the colonies
What is a militia? and army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
Who said "Give me Liberty...or Give Me Death" Patrick Henry
Who was Ethan Allen? a Vermont blacksmith known for his temper
Who was George Washington? the commander of the Continental Army
Who was Gen. William Howe? he spotted the Americans and ferried across the harbor 2,400 redcoats
Who was King George III? he ordered a blockade of all colonial ports
What is a blockade? shutting down of a a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out.
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