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Operating Systems

Chapter 12 Terms

Blue Screen Error See Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Windows error that occors in Kernel mode, is displayed against a blue screen, and causes the system to halt. Error might be caused by problems with Devices, Device drivers, or a corrupted Windows Installation. Also called "Stop Error"
Component Services (AKA COM+) A Microsoft Management Console snap-in that can be used to register components used by installed applications.
Data Sources Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) A tool in the Administrative Tools group that is used to allow data files to be connected to applications they normally would not use.
Default Program A program associated with a file extension.
File Association The association between a data file and an application that is determined by the file extention
Problem Reports and Solutions A windows utility that provides a list of current and past problems associated with a computer.
Regsvr32 A utility that is used to register component services used by an installed application.
Secondary Logon Using administrative provilages to perform an operation when you are not logged on with an account that has these privileges.
System File Checker (SFC) See SFC (System File checker) A tool in Windows to verify the version of all system files when windows loads. Can repair damaged system files.
Taskkill Windows Utility for stopping or killing a process or program currently running.
Tasklist Windows Utility for listing all currently running processes. Similar to Task Manager.