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HPC questions

handbook TQs

Syngeneic HPCs are collected from this source identical twin
Describe graft versus tumor effect in HPC transplantation T lymphocytes in the donor unit attack residual tumor cells in the recipient
The primary complication of allogeneic HPC transplantation Graft Versus Host Disease
Anatomic site of collection for most allogeneic marrow HPC transplants iliac crests
Approximate volume of marrow collected for transplant 1 L
Cryopreservative used in storage of frozen HPC units DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide)
For major ABO incompatible HPC products, this is removed RBCs
For minor ABO incompatible HPC products, this is removed plasma
Serious medical complications occur in __% of marrow donors 1%
Common side effects of DMSO include garlic breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chill, and hypertension
Storage temperature for HPC marrow room or refrigerated
Blood count abnormality sometimes associated with G-CSF thrombocytopenia
The safe maximum dose per kg body wieight of DMSO is___ mL/kg/day 1mL/kg/day
Which takes longer to engraft: A. Allogeneic HPC, pheresis B. Allogeneic HPC, marrow C. HPC, cord blood C. HPC, cord blood
Why are nonmyeloablative HPC transplants performed? 1. To enhance Graft versus leukemia effect 2. to minimize transplant related morbidity and mortality 3. permits transplantation of older patients 4. also used in non-malignant conditions
Before an HPC transplant, cellular blood products should be leukoreduced to reduce the risk of: 1. HLA alloimmunization 2. CMV transmission 3. Febrile reactions
Created by: jfshikle