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CDC 1C052 VOL. 1

Unit Review Questions/Answers

Which functional area is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)? Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM)
Which functional area is responsible for planning and scheduling all training sorties as well as real-world contingency missions and mobility operations? Current operations
Evaluating work methods and procedures to achieve the most economical use of resources is on of the tasks of a superintendent
Who is responsible for evaluating manning requirements, vacancies, and ensuring personnel are trained and given equal opportunity to work across functional areas to prevent job stagnation? Wing Functional manager (WFM)
Which part of the career field education and training plan (CFETP) would you find the specialty training standard that lists the most common 1C0X2 tasks, knowledge, and technical references? Part II Section A
Supervisors MUST make sure that an AF Form 623, On-the Job Training Record is maintained for all Airmen in the grades of AB through TSgt, and senior non-commissioned (SNCO) in retraining status
The purpose of the specialty training requirement team is to establish the most effective mix of formal and on-the-job training for each skill level
Which forum is used to create or revise the specialty training standard (STS) and to set responsibilities for providing the necessary training? Specialty training requirement team
The STS if divided into how many columns? Four
All entries to the STS Column 3 must be done in pencil to make it a living document
Before a trainee is recommended for the next skill level, the trainee must be fully trained on all duty positions and core tasks
The AF IMT 623 a, On-the-Job training Record Continuation Sheet is used to document each of the following EXCEPT training start and completion dates
Within how many days of assignment must a supervisor conduct an initial evaluation of the trainee's qualifications? 60 (active duty)/120 (ARC members)
The purpose of the graduate assessment survey is to gather feedback on the Air Force resident training graduates
One way to validate and assess a trainee's knowledge of the task is by conducting a task evaluation
When a trainee is unable to complete the required upgrade training requirements within the maximum allowable time, the supervisor may submit a waiver request
A request for training waiver is approved by the Air Force career field manager
Air Force policies regarding the Privacy Act of 1974 include all of the following except to ensure access to personal information on citizens and resident aliens is always granted
Within the Department of Defense (DOD0 social security numbers (SSN) must be protected as For Official Use Only (FOUO)
Records are protected by the Privacy Act may be destroyed by all of the following methods except crumpling
Any service member who violates the Privacy Act is guilty of a misdemeanor and fined up to $5,000
The three broad categories of exploitable operations security vulnerabilities are telephone, radio communications, and the physical enviroment
Before leaving the area, make sure all classified materials are stored in proper storage container
What Air Force instruction (AFI) series number pertains to flying operations? 11
Which Air Force instruction (AFI) sets policy on crew rest and flight duty limitations? AFI 11-202, Vol.3, General Flight Rules
Which Air Force instruction (AFI) contains guidance on disqualification and requalification, flying evaluation board procedures, and manpower request and validation? AFI 11-402, Aviation and Parachutist Service, Aeronautical Ratings and Badges
What form is used as a cover sheet to provide a synopsis of a member's flight evaluation? AF Form 1520, ARMS Individual Flight Pay Entitlement Worksheet
The goal of establishing work center procedures is to ensure continuity in the work place
When several applications are bundled together as a package, they are called an application suite
A computer system can be configured to interact with other computer systems, forming a computer network
What do you call a network that can range from several blocks to an entire city? Metropolitan are network (MAN
Which menu is NOT included in the Resource module of the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)? Deferred Management
Which Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) is used to establish system management parameters? System
Who is responsible for the management, security, and accuracy of the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) database? Database administrator
The Chief, Host Aviation Resource Manager (CHARM) approves access to the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) and assigns security levels based on user's duties
Which Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) governing body's purpose is to concentrate and solve issues affecting ARMS impletation, technical operation, maintence, and modification? Aviation Resource Management System working group (AWG)
A community of practice is a group of people who are connected to each other by a need to solve common problems
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