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ATOTC vocab book 3

Vocabulary words for book three of A Tale of Two Cities

Abashed Embarrassed, ashamed
Accost To approach and speak to
Capriciously Unpredictably
Carnage Slaughter of many people, massacre
Cogitation Thinking carefully; pondering
Counteances Faces; visages
Domicile Home
Emigrant French nobles who left France during Revolution; any person who moved from one country and settled in another
Gregarious Fond of company; Sociable; Outgoing
Imperious Arrogant; Haughty
Jocosely Jokingly; In a playful manner
Prevaricate To lie
Prodigious Enormous; Wondrous
Redundancy Repetition; More than enough
Resolute Determined
Solicitude Concern
Stolid Without emotion; calm
Tenacity Persistence; Stubborness
Tribunal Court of Justice
Vidicate To clear of blame or suspicion
Created by: ray.rachel