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Mid-term Concepts; Intro to Spread Sheets

The Background button in the Page Setup group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab allows you to insert into the worksheet a background picture that displays behind the data.
By default, a column is inserted on this side of the column containing the active cell. left
To delete a row, select the row and then click the Delete button in this group on the HOME tab. Cells
Use the options at this button’s drop-down list to clear the contents of the cell or selected cells. Clear
Use this button to insert color in the active cell or selected cells. Fill Color
Select data in a cell and this displays above the selected text. mini toolbar
By default, numbers are aligned at this side of a cell. right
Click this button in the Alignment group on the HOME tab to rotate data in a cell. Orientation
The Themes button is located on this tab. PAGE LAYOUT
If you type a number with a dollar sign, such as $50.25, Excel automatically applies this formatting to the number. currency
If you type a number with a percent sign, such as 25%, Excel automatically applies this formatting to the number. percent
Align and indent data in cells using buttons in the Alignment group on the HOME tab or with options at this dialog box with the Alignment tab selected. Format cells
You can repeat the last action performed by pressing Ctrl + Y or this function key. F4
The Format Painter button is located in this group on the HOME tab. Clipboard
To hide a column, select the column, click this button in the Cells group on the HOME tab, point to Hide & Unhide, and then click Hide Columns. Format
If you enter the formula =SUM(A2:C2) in cell D2, what will happen if you copy it to cell D3? The formula will change to =SUM(A3:C3).
What will happen if you press Ctrl + ` (grave accent)? The worksheet will display formulas instead of results.
Where in the worksheet area will you find the Name box? in the upper left corner
When writing your own formulas, you must begin each formula with an equals sign (=).
What does it mean for a formula to have a mixed cell reference? It has a cell reference in which one component (row or column) is relative, while the other is absolute.
An Insert Function button can be found on the FORMULAS tab and on the formula bar
The Sort & Filter button on the HOME tab will sort data in the Selected Cells
When a cell containing data is active, anything you type will take the place of the existing data.
Approximately how many points are contained in a vertical inch? 72
What does the Orientation button in the Alignment group do? rotates data in a cell
The horizontal and vertical lines that define the cells in a worksheet area are referred to as this. gridlines
Columns in a worksheet are labeled with these letters
Rows in a worksheet are labeled with these numbers
Press this key on the keyboard to move the insertion point to the next cell. Tab
Press these keys on the keyboard to move the insertion point to the previous cell. Shift + Tab
Data being typed in a cell displays in the cell as well as here. Formula bar
If a number entered in a cell is too long to fit inside the cell, the number is changed to this. number symbols (###)
This feature automatically inserts words, numbers, or formulas in a series. AutoFill
This is the name of the small black square that displays in the bottom right corner of the active cell. AutoFill fill handle OR
Use this button in the Editing group on the HOME tab to insert a formula in a cell. AutoSum
With this function, a range of cells are added together and then divided by the number of cell entries. AVERAGE
To select nonadjacent columns using the mouse, hold down this key on the keyboard while clicking the column headers Ctrl
Click this button to merge selected cells and center data within the merged cells. Merge & Center
The Accounting Number Format button is located in this group on the HOME tab. Number
Press this function key to display the Excel Help window. F1
The AutoCorrect feature in Excel automatically corrects common typing errors.
Clicking the down-pointing arrow at the right side of the AutoSum button and then clicking More Functions will display this dialog box. Insert Function
A restriction placed on data in a worksheet to isolate specific data temporarily is called a(n) filter.
If you want to change the order of operations in a formula, use these around the part of the formula you want to calculate first. parentheses
You can see how a theme will affect your worksheet before you apply it by using the _____ feature. live preview
To add a background color to a selected cell, use the _____ button in the Font group on the HOME tab. Fill Color
A built-in formula, such as =SUM, is called a(n) function
You can display the Find and Replace dialog box by clicking the Find & Select button in the Editing group on the HOME tab, then clicking Find.
Right-clicking in a cell will display the Mini toolbar
What does the MIN function return? the minimum value in a range
In addition to its worksheet cell, where else is a data value displayed in Excel? in the Formula bar
Functions require inputs upon which to operate. The inputs, which can be numbers or cell references, are called arguments.
When you print column titles in your worksheet pages, how does Excel know what cells to use as the column titles? You specify them in the Rows to repeat at top text box in the Page Setup dialog box.
When the mouse pointer displays as a white plus sign, it is referred to as the cell pointer
If you enter numbers into a cell, they will be automatically aligned at the right side of the cell.
The Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons change decimal places for existing numbers only.
To select specific characters within a cell (rather than the whole cell), begin by double-clicking in the desired cell.
When a row height is being changed, the row height number that displays represents a measurement in points
The gridlines that display in a worksheet do not print by default.
One of the features Excel offers to help with data entry is the AutoComplete feature, which automatically inserts data in a cell that begins the same as a previous entry
You can select nonadjacent cells with your mouse by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the desired cells
Which of the following number formatting categories is not found in the Format Cells dialog box? Exponents
Which of the following formulas shows an example of a mixed cell reference? =$A$3+B$3
By default, numbers in a cell are aligned at the _____ and decimals and commas _____ display. right; will not
You can use your mouse to change the height of multiple rows at the same time if the rows are adjacent to one another.
If numeric data in a number is too long to display in the cell, what does Excel do? It displays number symbols (###) to indicate that the numeric value is too long to display
In which number category can you specify the formatting for Zip codes? Special
This is the default left and right margin measurement. 0.7 inch
This is the default top and bottom margin measurement. 0.75 inch
The Margins button is located on this tab. PAGE LAYOUT
By default, worksheet prints in this orientation on a page. portrait
Click the Print Titles button in the Page Setup group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab and the Page Setup dialog box displays with this tab selected. Sheet
Use options in this group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab to adjust the printed output by a percentage to fit the number of pages specified Scale to Fit
Use this button in the Page Setup group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab to select and print specific areas in a worksheet. Print Area
Click the Header & Footer button in the Text group on the INSERT tab and the worksheet displays in this view. Page Layout
This tab contains options for formatting and customizing a header and/or footer. HEADER & FOOTER TOOLS DESIGN
Click this tab to display the Spelling button. REVIEW
The Undo and Redo buttons are located on this toolbar. Quick Access
Click this button in the Find and Replace dialog box to expand the dialog box. Options
Use these buttons at the expanded Find and Replace dialog box to search for specific cell formatting and replace it with other formatting. Format
Use this button in the Editing group on the HOME tab to sort data in a worksheet. Sort & Filter
Use this feature to temporarily isolate specific data in a worksheet. filter
You can insert a new row in a worksheet by clicking the Insert button arrow, clicking Insert Cells, and then clicking this at the Insert dialog box. entire row
Which of the following is not a valid name for an Excel workbook? MyBudget/version2.xlsx
What is another name for the cell address? cell reference
This function returns the current date in a date format. TODAY
Instead of typing dollar signs ($), which function key can you press repeatedly to change a cell reference to absolute, relative, or mixed? F4
To change the height of all rows in a worksheet, click _____ and then drag a row boundary to the desired position. the Select All button
This button displays when you fill cells with the fill handle. Auto Fill Options button
You can use the Undo button to reverse a command
The Trace Error button is a type of smart tag
Which of the following is not a sort option in Excel? Sort Even/Odd
What happens to formulas with relative cell references when they are copied using the fill handle? A relative version of the formula is copied into the selected cell(s).
When would you need to use the Then by option in the Sort dialog box? when sorting by more than one column
When you use the Filter feature, what appears in each column label? an arrow
You can adjust a column width to fit the longest entry in the column by double-clicking on the column boundary line
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