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Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts of Images (digital design) terms

Raster Graphic A graphic made up of pixels also known as a bitmap created with image editing programs
Vector Graphic A graphic composed of simple lines defined by mathematical equations -- created with draw programs
GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) A graphic file format that can save only a maximum of 256 colors
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) A graphic format that can support millions of colors; preferred format for saving photographs
BMP (Bitmap) A graphic file format that supports millions of colors and tends to download slowly
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) A graphic file format that can support more colors and transparency than GIF files, and is currently becoming a more popular format
Pixel A single point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable screen element in a display device. It is the smallest unit of picture that can be represented or controlled.
Dots Per Inch (dpi) A definition of resolution that defines the number of pixels created for every linear inch of an image
Cropping To remove portions of an image
Resizing Changing the size of the image as it appears on the screen without changing the file size of the graphic
Aspect Ratio The relationship between an image's height and width
Resampling Changing the number of pixels in a graphic file to match the new screen area occupied by the image; this changes the size of the graphic file.
Image Map A graphic with clickable areas called hotspots that link to another page or to another area on the same page
Hotspot A graphic link to a related page or another area on the current page
Thumbnail A small image that links to a larger version of the same image lets users decide if they want to view the larger image, which takes longer to download
Resolution number of pixels per inch