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Midterm for Keyboarding 1.

The line spacing used in a business report is _____ spacing. single
The line spacing used in an academic report is _____ spacing. double
The line spacing used in business letter is _____ spacing. single
_____ justification aligns text flush with the left margin. Left
_____ justification aligns text flush with the right margin. Right
_____ justification aligns text flush with both left and right margins except for the last line of a paragraph. Justified
Side headings in a report are flush with the ____ margin. left
The top margin of the first page of all reports is ____ inch(es). 2
The top margin of a memo is _____ inch(es). 2
In a block style letter all lines begin at the ____ margin. left
The name and address of the part receiving the letter is the ____ _____. inside address
Reference initials are the initials of the ____ of the letter. typist
Press enter ___ times after typing the date of a letter. 4
Press enter ___ times after the salutation of a letter. 2
To indicate that an item is enclosed with a letter, type the word _____. Enclosure
The attachment notation is typed ___ line ____ the reference initials. 1, after
The salutation is followed by a ____ and the complimentary closing is followed by a ____. colon, comma
The title of a table should be ____, ____, and in _____. centered, bold, all caps
Text columns should be ____ aligned. left
Number columns should be ____ aligned. right
Cut, copy, and paste are examples of editing
Press the ___ key to move from one cell to the next. tab
In a multipage report, the page number should be positioned in the ___, ___ hand position of the page. upper, right
In a table, column heading should be ____ and in __ ___ ____ and centered. bold, upper- and lowercase
Title of a report Subject of the report
Subtitle of a report Secondary or explanatory title
Byline of a report Name of the writer
Body of a report Text of the report
Side Heading of a report Major subdivision of the report
Paragraph Heading of a report Minor subdivision of the report
Salutation of a Letter Opening greeting.
Complimentary Closing of a Letter Closing farewell
Writer's Identification of a Letter Name, or title, or both of the writer
Open Table Does NOT have borders around it
Boxed Table Has borders all around it
Created by: ibenoit95