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Stack #19975

Farsi (Persian)- Learn the language of Iran

Seeb Apple سيب
Khook Pig خوک
Gav Cow گاو
Moo Hair مو
Berenj Rice برنج
Nan Bread نان
Yek 1 يک
Khane Home خانِه
Baba Dad بابا
Madar Mom مادَر
Do 2 دو
Ab Water آب
Man mikham I want من می خام
Aftab Sun افتاب
Baran Rain باران
Salaam Hello سلام
Khoda Hafez Goodbye خدا حافظ
Bale Yes بَلِه
Na No نَه
Khab Sleep خاب
Sobekhere Good Morning سُبِخِر
Tarseed Scared تَرسيد
Seibzameenee Potato سيبزَمينی
Beenee Nose بينی
Abroo Eyebrow ابرو
Dahan Mouth دَهَان
Dast Hand دَست
Sandalee Chair سَندَلی
Joorab Sock جوراب
Besheen Sit بِشين
Mast Yogurt ماست
Khiar Cucumber خيار
Sag Dog سَگ
َGhorbagheh Frog قورباغه‌
Lotfan Please لُتفَن
Salaam, hale shoma chetoreh? Hello, how are you? سلام حالِ شماچطوره؟
Ghermez Red قِرمِز
Sabz Green سَبز
Sefeed White سِفيد
Dagheeghe Minute دَقيقِه
Dah 10 دِه
Se 3 سِه
Chahar 4 چهار
Panj 5 پنج
Shesh 6 ششِِ
Haft 7 هفت
Hasht 8 هشت
Noh 9 نُه
Livan Glass لیوان
Ab-e djo Beer آبجو
Abi Blue آبی
Akharin Last آخرین
An That آن
Andja There آنجا
Anha Them آنها
Aparteman Apartment آپارتمان
Ashna Bekant (blank)
Ashpazkhaneh Kitchen آشپزخانه
Ayeneh Mirror آینه
Aid Holiday, new year عید
Aidi New years gift عیدی
Ainak Glasses عینک
Asr Late afternoon (blank)
Alan, Aknoon Now الان، اکنون
Angoosht Finger انگشت
Asb Horse اسب
Aval First اول
Az From / Since از
Bala-ye chizi Above something بالای چیزی
Bimarestan Hospital بیمارستان
Booshgab Plate بشقاب
Bozoorg Big بزرگ
Chagh Fat (blank)
Chagu Knife (blank)
Chai Tea (blank)
Chaneh Chin (blank)
Chahar shambeh Wednesday (blank)
Chaharom Fourth (blank)
Chamdan Suitcase (blank)
Changal Fork (blank)
Charkh Wheel (blank)
Chatr Umbrella (blank)
Che? What? (blank)
Che chizi? What is it? (blank)
Cheghadr? How much? (blank)
Chekasi? Who? (blank)
Chera? Why? (blank)
Cheragh Lamp (blank)
Cheshm Eye (blank)
Chetoor? How? (blank)
Chetoori? How is it? (blank)
Chevaghti? When? (blank)
Chist? What is? How is? (blank)
Chiz Thing (blank)
Cigar Cigarette (blank)
Daneshgah University (blank)
Darad He/She/It has (blank)
Daram I have (blank)
Darand They have (blank)
Dari You have (singular) (blank)
Darid You have (plural) (blank)
Darim We have (blank)
Dandan Tooth (blank)
Dandandard Toothache (blank)
Dar In / On (blank)
Darbereh-e chizi About something (blank)
Dard Pain (blank)
Darmangah Nursing home (blank)
Dastkesh Glove (blank)
Dastshui Hand-basin (blank)
Del Heart / Stomach (blank)
Derakt Tree (blank)
Devist Two hundred (blank)
Digar Other / not any more (blank)
Divar Wall (blank)
Dja Place (blank)
Djaleb Interesting (blank)
Djan Life / my dear (Nina-djan) (blank)
Djashn Party (blank)
Djavan Young (blank)
Djigar Liver (blank)
Djib Pocket (blank)
Djudjeh Chicken (the animal) (blank)
Djolo-ye chizi In front of something (blank)
Djome Friday (blank)
Dust Friend (blank)
Dust daram I like (blank)
Docharkheh Bicycle (blank)
Dokhtar Daughter (blank)
Dorogh Lie (blank)
Dorogh migam I lie (blank)
Dorost Accurate (blank)
Doshanbeh Monday (blank)
Dovom Second (blank)
Emruz Today (blank)
Emshab This evening / Tonight (blank)
Fardah Tomorrow (blank)
Farsh Carpet (blank)
Fasl Season (blank)
Fekr mikonam I think (blank)
Felfel Pepper (blank)
Fendjan Cup (blank)
Galoo Throat (blank)
Gardan Neck (blank)
Ghashogh Spoon (blank)
Gabl az Before (blank)
Ghadin In the past (blank)
Ghadini Old (about a thing) (blank)
Ghahveh Coffee (blank)
Ghahvei Brown (blank)
Ghalb Heart (blank)
Gharz midam I lend (blank)
Gharz midi? Can I borrow? (blank)
Ghatar Train (blank)
Gusfand Sheep (blank)
Gush Ear (blank)
Gusht Meet (blank)
Godje farangi Tomato (blank)
Gol Flower (blank)
Gol-e kalam Cowliflow (blank)
Goldun Flower pottery (blank)
Gorbeh Cat (blank)
Gorosneh Hungry (blank)
Created by: bman1225ca



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