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NP Access 5

ampersand A concatenation operator that joins text expressions.
Append Only A field property for a Long Text field that lets you edit the field value and, when set to Yes, causes Access to keep a historical record of all versions of the field value.
concatenation The process of joining two or more text fields or characters encapsulated in quotes.
crosstab A query that uses aggregate functions to perform arithmetic operations on the values of one database field and displays the results in a spreadsheet format.
Crosstab Wizard Query wizard that allows the user to choose the field that will be calculated for each row and column intersection.
field validation rule Setting A rule to prevent a user from entering an unacceptable value in a field by comparing user input to a constant or to a set of constants.
find duplicates query A select query that finds duplicate records in a table or query.
Find Unmatched Wizard A wizard that guides you through the steps for creating a find unmatched query.
IIf (Immediate If) function A function that test a condition and returns one of two values based on whether the condition being tested is true or false.
In comparison operator A comparison operator that defines a condition with a list of two or more values for a field.
Input Mask Wizard An Access tool that guides you in creating a predefined format for a field.
IsNull function A function that tests a field value or an expression for a null value; if the field value or expression is null, the result is true; otherwise, the result is false.
Like comparison operator A comparison operator that selects records by matching field values to a specific pattern that includes one or more wildcard characters.
list-of-values match A selection of records whose value for the designated field matches one of two or more simple condition values.
lookup field A field that lets the user select a value from a list of possible values to enter data into the field.
Not logical operator A logical operator that negates a criterion or selects records for which the designated field does not match the criterion.
Object Dependencies pane A task pane that displays a collapsible list of the dependencies among the objects in an Access database; you click the list’s expand indicators to show or hide different levels of dependencies.
parameter query A query that displays a dialog box that prompts the user to enter one or more criteria values when the query is run.
pattern match A selection of records with a value for the designated field that matches the pattern of a simple condition value.
property propagation An Access feature that updates control properties in objects when you modify a table field property.
Structured Query Language A standard language used in querying, updating, and managing relational databases.
table validation rule A rule that compares one field value in a table record to another field value in the same record to verify their relative accuracy
Text Format property A field property for a Long Text field that determines whether you can format the field contents (Rich Text setting) or cannot format the field contents (Plain Text setting).
Top Values property A query property that lets you limit the number of records in the query results to a specific number or percentage.
trusted folder A folder on a drive or network that you designate as trusted and where you place databases you know are safe
Validation Rule property A field property value that specifies the valid values that users can enter in a field.
Validation Text property A field property value that will be displayed in a dialog box if a user enters an invalid value for the field.
0 Input mask character for a digit only with entry required.
# Input mask character where digit, space, or a plus or minus sign can be entered and entry is optional.
? Input mask character where letter only can be entered and entry is optional.
L Input mask character where a letter only must be entered and entry is required.
A Input mask character where a letter or digit must be entered and entry is required.
9 Input mask character for digit or space and entry is optional. Often used for area code on phone number.
Field Properties pane Pane in bottom of Design view where you can enter extra information, such as validation rules or input masks.
Number An input mask may be created for any field with the Short Text or ____ data type.
Table Only these Access object(s) may be used when creating a lookup field to select values.
-1 Yes/No field values are stored with this value if it is checked.
0 Yes/No field values are stored with this value if it is unchecked.
True What value will be returned if a field is empty when the IsNull function is used?
Rich Text Changing a long text field to this format will allow font options, such as color and bold.
Null Refers to blank fields
Backup Before saving and compacting an important database, it is a good idea to save a copy as a:
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