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Art Styles

A quiz on artists and their styles

Picasso- The use of geometric shapes to portray ideas or figures. Cubism
Grandma Moses- Art that looks like it's been painted by a child. Primitivism
Da Vinci- Art that portrays things just as they appear. Realism
Andy Warhol- Everyday items are drawn and portrayed in colorful ways. Pop Art
Jackson Pollock- No identifiable subject in the painting Abstract (Abstract Expressionism)
Claude Monet- Outdoor scenes and landscapes look like the artist has just taken a quick peek at the subject. Impressionism
Seurat- Dots of pure color are blended together to form a picture. Pointillism
Salvador Dali- Paintings are based upon dreams. Surrealism
Marc Chagall- Paintings express a feeling instead of an actual picture. Expressionism
Paul Cezanne- This 19th-century style used much color. Post-Impressionism
Henri Matisse- This four-year style began in 1905 and showed subjects in a simple way, using bright, wild colors. Fauvism
Created by: DireDigression