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Unit 1 Fiction Vocab

WordDefinitionSTEMS that make up the wordThe story it is from
encroaching intruding or moving into en=into the leap
commemorates honors a memory com=together mem=memory the leap
extricating setting free, removing ex=out the leap
constricting preventing freedom of movement; limiting con=together strict=tight the leap
perpetually continuing forever, never ending, constantly per=though the leap
tentative hesitant, not confident ten=to hold the leap
grave very serious and worrying grav=weight the monkey's paw
furtively secretively, sneakily, stealthily ly=features of the monkey's paw
maligned spoken ill of mal=bad the monkey's paw
apathy lack of interest or emotion a=without pathos=feelings the monkey's paw
credulity tendency to believe to easily cred=believe the monkey's paw
oppressive causing great discomfort or distressing press the monkey's paw
peril/perilous dangers; dangerous ous=features of the monkey's paw
fusillade a massive outpouring fus=to pout the monkey's paw
rubicund red colored rubi=red the monkey's paw
pretense pretending, or creating a false show of something pre=before tense=stretch or strain A Problem
candid honest A Problem
lofty elevated in character, noble loft=high A Problem
detestable deserving hate or scorn, offensive de=downward A Problem
subdued quiet, lacking energy sub=below A Problem
edifying instructive in a way as to improve morally or intellectually ed=to build related to educate A Problem
taciturn silent tacit=silent A Problem
tremor shaking trem=shaking A Problem
cowardice lack of bravery A Problem
prejudice harm that results from an unfair action or judgment pre=before jud=to judge A Problem
tempering changing to make more suitable temper=heat and shape Like the Sun
ingratiating acting in a way to gain someone's favor in=in grat=pleasing Like the Sun
scrutinized examined carefully Like the Sun
convoluted twisted in a complicated way con=together volv=rolled Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets
reveling taking great pleasure or delight, having fun reve=dream Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets
interminable endless or seemingly endless inter=between Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets
Created by: t9bailey