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Les verbes au futur

tous les verbes importants au futur

Avoir aur To have
Être ser To be
Faire fer To do/make
Aller ir To go
Devoir devr To have to To owe
Pouvoir pourr To be able to
Vouloir voudr To wish/want
*Partir (en vacances) To depart/go on holidays
*Sortir To go out
Venir viendr To come
Devenir deviendr To become
Se souvenir de se souviendr de To remember
Revenir reviendr To come back
Tenir tiendr To hold
Retenir retiendr To retain
*Dire *Contredire To say To contradict
*Écrire *Décrire To write To describe
*Lire *Relire To read To reread
*Croire To believe
Mettre Se mettre à To put/place/put on to start to
Courir courr To run
Envoyer enverr To send
Recevoir recevr To receive
*Ouvrir To open
Voir verr To see
*Connaître To know people/places
Savoir saur To know
*Vivre To live
*Prendre To take/have food
*Apprendre To learn
*Comprendre To understand
*Boire To drink
Pleuvoir il pleuvra To rain it will rain
Created by: noc