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CT Test 2


The tangible, physical equipment that can be seen and touched. Hardware
CPU/Processor speed is measured in... Hertz (Hz)
Intangible set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. Software
External plug-in slots on a computer used to connect peripherals or networking devices. Ports
Data and instructions entered into a computer that enable the computer to perform desired tasks. Input
The most important piece of software is _. Operating System
Looks like a printer, but has many capabilities, such as scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine. Multifunction Device
Programs that coordinate and control the operations of a computer system. System Software
Tracks the online activities of the user Spyware
Information made available to the users. Output
An output device is _. a monitor
Data that has been processed in a manner that makes it useful to the users. Program
Helps you perform a specific task, such as keying a report or creating a spreadsheet. Application Software
Any device that connects to a computer externally. Peripheral
Analyzing problems to correct faults in the system. Troubleshooting
Performs a single maintenance or repair task, such as checking for viruses. Utility Software
The circuit board that contains all of the computer system's main components. Motherboard
Improves efficiency and performance on the job and at home. Productivity Software
An example of productivity software is __. Word
Software written specifically to be used at home Household Use Software
An example of household use software is __. Solitaire
Allows the user to work with graphics, audio, and video Graphics and Multimedia Software
An example of graphics and multimedia software is __. iMovie
Makes it possible for people to communicate and share with each other via computers. Communication Software
An example of communications software is __. Email
A printer that produces exceptionally high quality output. Laser Printer
Forms characters in a matter similar to a football scoreboard. Dot Matrix Printer
Physically strikes a ribbon with ink on it against the paper to make an image. Impact Printer
Small storage device that plugs into a USB port on a computer. Flash Drive
What type of program would be good for keeping a budget? Excel Spreadsheet
PowerPoint is what type of software? Presentation and Productivity
Tiny indentations that are burned onto a disc's surface. Pits
The flat areas on a disc's surface. Lands
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