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DTP Vocabulary Quiz

DTP Vocabulary Practice Quiz

An arrangement of text and graphic elements that provides important information about the publication Masthead
An excerpt pulled from text and set next to it, usually in a different typeface Pull quote
Text or a short news story related to the main story but not vital to it; it is placed adjacent to the story to add emphasis and pique the interest of readers Sidebar
Recognizable symbol, shape, color, or combination of these that a company attaches to its name Logo
Also known as negative space, it describes the open space between design elements White space
Adjusting the spacing between specific character pairs Kerning
Formatting attribute that enlarges the first character in a story or paragraph Drop cap
Formatting effect that changes text from the standard look of dark characters on a light background to the more dramatic look of light characters on a dark background Reverse text
A faded or washed-out looking image that appears behind text and objects on a page Watermark
The process of making the text fit the available space within a publication Copyfitting
Created by: sostheimer