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Julius Caesar Act III Vocabulary #1-10

requests, usually made to a higher authority petitions
remedy or correct a wrong redress
unable to attack or defeat unassailable
confused, puzzled confounded
lying face down prostrate
quieted or pacified appeased
agreement between parties compact
agree to consent
gentle, mild, patient meek
speech given in a formal setting oration
The Mayflower ____ was an agreement made among the Pilgrims. compact
The patient gave his ____ for treatment. consent
Several ____ were given during the presidential inauguration. oration
A ___ person may be misunderstood as being weak. meek
The mother ____ the baby by giving her a bottle. appeased
The teacher will ___ the error by rechecking the paper. redress
The complicated riddle ___ the children. confounded
The citizens brought _____ to the Senator for changes to be made to the speed limit. petitions
The giant, with all of his strength, was ___ in the battle. unassailable
After being struck in the head, the man fell ____ to the ground. prostrate
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