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ATOTC vocab book two

Vocabulary words for book two of A Tale of Two Cities

Purloin To steal
Dogged Stubbornly unyielding, obstinate
Insolent Insulting, laid back
Lucrative Profitable, money making
Disinterestedly Freedom from bias, self-interest, without personal gain
Incorrigible Incapable of being corrected or reformed
Magnanimous Generous and forgiving
Venerable Worthy of respect
Irresolute Indecisive
Ubiquitous Being or seeming to be everywhere at once
Recompose Payment in return for something given, spoken in money terms
Bacchanalian A drunken or riotous party, indulged in drinking and partying
Superciliously Haughty, disdainful, arrogant, stuck-up
Sinister Suggesting evil
Fortnight Two weeks
Feigned Pretended
Miscreant One who believes criminally or badly
Pensive Deep in thought-often melancholy
Beatified Blessed
Redress Pay back for a wrong
Created by: ray.rachel