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The Wave Exam

Brenham English 1 The Wave Exam

Laurie's nervous habit is _____ chewing on pens
The name of the Gordon High School newspaper is _____ . The Grapevine
Laurie's position on the newspaper staff is _____. editor-in-chief
Some of the other teachers dislike Ben Ross because _____ of his unusual teaching methods
The student that falls asleep during the movie about concentration camps is _____. Robert Billings
Mr. Ross believes that Robert is such a lazy student because _____. he is afraid to try hard in school because he worries he won't live up to his older brother's example.
The only two students to get A's in Mr. Ross's class at the beginning of the book are _____ Laurie and Amy
Laurie doesn't want to eat her lunch because _____. she is upset by the movie about concentration camps.
David is taking calculus because _____. he wants to be an engineer.
Amy is jealous of Laurie because _____. Laurie is dating a football player.
Laurie is in the _____ grade. eleventh
Amy afraid when Principal Owens knocks on the publication office door because _____. she is smoking.
Which of the is NOT one of Mr. Ross's new rules? Students cannot be more than two minutes late to class.
Mr. Ross starts The Wave in the first place to _____ demonstrate how something as horrible as the Holocaust could happen.
The protagonists of the story are _____. Laurie and Ben
The friendship between Amy and Laurie is _____. competitive
The tone of The Wave is _____. serious
The student who stands to lose the most when The Wave ends is _____. Robert Billings
The two characters that are extremely supportive of The Wave are _____ . Robert and David
The statement that reflects David's change of opinion about The Wave at the end of the story is _____. David realizes the dangers of The Wave when he hurts Laurie in order to protect it.
Wave members think of themselves as _____. superior
David believes that Laurie is against The Wave because_____. she is not special anymore?
"The Grapevine" staff decides to print an edition dedicated to The Wave in order to _____ expose what has been happening to parents and school officials.
The statement from the book that suggests that the experiment affects Ben Ross just as it has affected his students is _____. In fact, he had to admit that before the experiment had gone bad, he had enjoyed those fleeting moments of power.
Robert so involved in and dedicated to The Wave because _____ he feels equal and accepted.
Robert and Eric want to silence Laurie because her criticism is a threat to The Wave movement.
Students, parents and teachers complain about The Wave. Mr. Ross had no idea the experiment would create ______. controversy
The reader conclude that Laurie _____ is not afraid to disagree with her peers.
Her, he, them, their, we, and I are examples of _____. pronouns
An action verb actually shows an _____ being performed. action
An adverb usually modifies the _____. verb
Many times an adverb ends in _____. ly
Adjectives describe a _____. noun
A person, place, or this, is a _____. noun
A verb shows _____. action
Created by: juliehinds