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The Plot Thickens

English I

Montresor He is fueled by seeking revenge for the insult Fortunator has inflicted. He carefully plans out his tortuous revenge and ends up getting away with it. Assumed to be crazy.
Fortunator Victum of Montresor's revenge. He is foolish and Prides himself on his experts of wine.
Narrator of TSI Is controlled by his pride and forces his brother to try to be normal even though he is physically disabled. His actions directly lead to his brother's death.
Doodle Narrator of TSI's little brother. Born Physically disabled and is pushed by his brother to strive for physical achievements that are beyond his ability. Symbolized by the Scarlet Ibis
Mary Maloney Comes up with an Ingenious plan to get rid of the murder weapon by feeding it to the police officers
Patrick Maloney Uninterested husband who ends up getting clobbered by a leg of lamb for leaving his wife
Jack Noonan detective who comes over and investigates the murder scene.
Allusion Reference to a well known person, event, religion.
Irony situational: When something happens the reader doesn't expect.
Dramatic Irony When the reader knows something the characters do not symbol.
Antagonist Character that goes against protagonist
Connotation The feeling behind a word, but not the dictionary defiition
Denotation dictionary definition of a word
Flashback When a story is told in Memory
Foreshadowing Hints in a story of later events to come personifications.
Which story users foreshadowing The Cask of Amontillado
Which story uses Flash Back The Scarlet Ibis
The Cast of Amontillado Be Careful what you say to people. The Obsession with revenge leads to Madness.
The Scarlet Ibis Acting Selfishly out of pride leads to hurting those we love.
Lamb to the Slaughter Do not under estimate people.
Character Foil two characters who contrast each other in order to highlight their differences.
Plot Sequence of events
Oxymoron two contradictory ideas right next to each other.
Conflict Problem in the story. Man vs Man, man vs society, Man vs Self, Man vs Nature
Mood Feeling behind a passage
Allusion reference to a well known person, event, religion
Verbal Irony When a character says something but mean something else.
Imagery When a passage is so descriptive, it creates an image in the reader's mind.
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