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Taming of the Shrew

Vocabulary Test #2

induce to bring on or to bring about
ingenuity cleverness, inventiveness, resourcefulness
ingrate an ungrateful person
insolence insulting or contemptuous behavior
jaded weary from overuse, surfeited
largess generous giving
loathe to detest
malady a disease or unwholesome condition
melancholy depression of spirits
metaphysical highly abstract or abstruse, relating to what is conceived as transcendent
mired stuck or entangled
mirth gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughter
obeisance an attitude of respect, a gesture made in token of respect
oblivion state of being forgotten
pedantry act of showing off learning n a manner that is needless and unimaginative
perpetuate to prolong the existence of something
peruse to read or to examine
pithy concise and meaningful
prate to talk idly or foolishly at great length
presumptuous brazenly overstepping bounds, arrogant
prodigy one with exceptional talents or powers, an extraordinary accomplishment
quench to extinguish, to put out, to relieve with liquid
reputable having a good reputation
revere to honor, to regard with respect
rhetoric to art of using words effectively in speaking or writing, inflated language
rudimentary consisting in first principles, of a primitive kind, relating to basic skills
ruffianism rowdy or tough behavior
sever to cut or separate
shrill high-pitched or piercing (sound)
solicitous worried, concerned
sovereign possessed of controlling power
stoic a stoical person, not showing passion or feeling, indifference, impassive
submissive yielding or surrendering oneself to the will of another
tarry to delay in coming or going, to linger
transmutation a change into something different
usurp to take possession or authority over something without right
utter to express by speaking
vexation discomfort or distress
virtuous having excellent morals, righteous
voluble ability to use words easily, fluent and glib
wanton immoral, lewd
warranted justified
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