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Any abiotic factor or biotic factor that restricts the numbers, reproduction, or distribution of organisms is called a(n) _________. limiting factor
This biome is cold and dark most of the year, and extends in a band below that polar ice caps Tundra
Latitudes range from ____° at the equator to ___° at the poles. 0 , 90
A biome that supports fertile soil that is able to support thick cover of grasses and is prone to drought, fires, and raising grazing animals which all prevent the widespread growth of trees temperate grassland
An ecosystem that is formed when freshwater merges with saltwater estuary
The deepest region of the ocean is called the _______ ________. abyssal zone
The establishment of a community in an area of exposed rock that does not have any topsoil is ______ ______ primary succession
The ____ ______ is the open water area (of a lake or pond) that is well lit and dominated by plankton. limnetic zone
Lack of iron in the photic zone of the open ocean restricts the size of plankton populations. Iron is what kind of factor for marine plankton? limiting
Where is the largest percentage of water located? Oceans
The name for the large geographic areas with similar climax communities Biomes
This biome has four well-defined seasons, is south of the boreal forests, and is home to squirrels, rabbits, birds, deer, etc. Temperate forest
The approximate percentage of earth's freshwater contained in glaciers is _________ 69%
In which zone would you find floating aquatic plants littoral zone
True or False: Few animal species live in a fast flowing river because currents prevent the accumulation of most organic matter. True
Which zone supports the greatest variety of coral reef ecosystems? Photic
This land biome contains the greatest species diversity Tropical rain forest
This region borders the tundra at high latitudes and is cold all year Polar regions
Abiotic conditions change here with increasing altitudes mountains
Any area in which the annual rate of evaporation exceeds the rate of precipitation desert
Grasses and scattered trees in climates that receive less precipitation than some other tropical areas Tropical savanna
Characterized by fertile soils able to support thick cover of grasses Temperate grasslands
Composed mostly of deciduous trees Temperate forest
Mixed trees and shrub communities found in areas with less annual rainfall than in temperate forests Temperate woodlands
Resembles the temperate deciduous forest because during the dry season, almost all of the trees drop their leaves to conserve water Tropical seasonal forest
Usually located south of the tundra, broad band of dense evergreen forest boreal forest
Treeless biome with layer of permanently frozen soil below the surface called the permafrost Tundra
_________is the condition of the atmosphere at a specific place and time. Weather
Areas of land such as marshes, swamps, and bogs, that are saturated with water and support aquatic plants are called _______ wetlands
The ________ _______ is what warms the earth's surface and allows for a suitable environment for life. greenhouse effect
_____________ is the material that is deposited by water, wind, or glaciers. sediment
The average weather conditions in an area, including temperature and precipitation, describe the area's ________ climate
_________ _______ form natural borders along continents that protect shorelines from erosion coral reefs
The distance of any point on the surface of the earth north or south of the equator is _______ latitude
The ______ ______ is a protective layer in the atmosphere that absorbs most of the harmful UV radiation from the sun ozone layer
__________ is the ability of any organism to survive when subjected to abiotic or biotic factors. Tolerance
Biomes are classified primarily according to the characteristics of their ______ plants
The stable, mature community that results when there is little change in the composition of species is a ______ _______ climax community
Shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate; also called the euphotic zone Photic zone
The area closest to the shore; it is shallow and allows sunlight to reach the bottom Littoral zone
A narrow band where the ocean meets land; divided into four vertical zones Intertidal zone
The open water area that is well lit and dominated by plankton Limnetic zone
Deepest region of the ocean Abyssal zone
Deepest areas of a large lake; colder and lower in oxygen Profundal zone
Area where sunlight is unable to penetrate, below that photic zone Aphotic zone
Area along the ocean floor that consists of sand, silt, and dead organisms Benthic zone
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