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Test 1 MWD


A design team is researching competitor's designs and sketching ideas for a design project. This is an example of which step in the Systems Approach? Brainstorm
Chuck is designing a brochure with two elements that are noticeably different from one another in order to draw the viewer's attention to essential information. Which principle of design is he using? Contrast
John wants to expand the spacing between the first line (Soloist) and the second line (Musician). Which typeface spacing should he use? Leading
Mandy is painting hearts for a Valentine's Day party. She adds black to red paint to darken the color of her hearts. What has she done to the color? Shade
Rusty has created a brochure and wants to make sure the color on the printed copy looks just like what is on his monitor. This is referred to as what color principle? Color matching
Jacob wants each character in the word "Gothic" to receive an equal amount of horizontal space. Which type of font should he use? Monospaced
Lisa needs pink paint so she adds white to red paint. This is an example of what color term? Tint
When designing a newsletter for FBLA, Susie placed all images near the articles they were illustrating. Which design principle did she use? Unity/Harmony
Jen is designing a website for a clothing store. She is testing her font choice to see if it is legible on the computer screen. This is an example of which usability and readability consideration? Medium
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