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Shakespeare Background Information

What was Shakespeare's hometown? Stratford-on-Avon
Who was Shakespeare's wife? What was the unusual fact about their ages? Anne Hathaway---she was 26; he was 18
How many children did Shakespeare have? Name them. 3 of them; daughter Susanna and twins, a boy and a girl, Hamnet and Judith
who was Shakespeare's father and what were his "jobs"? John Shakespeare; he was a glovemaker, merchant,butcher, "mayor"
Why did Shakespeare move to London? to be a playwright and actor; also theater owner
What was the original name of Shakespeare's acting group? What name did they take later? Lord Chamberlain's Men; later The King's Men
What was unusual about the female roles? they were played by young men or boys
What was the shape of the Globe Theater? round; sometimes called the "Wooden O"
Describe the Globe Theater. round, made of wood, open to air, three levels, trap doors
Describe the "seating arrangements" of the Globe Theater. wealthier people sat in the galleries or upper decks; more common people stood on the ground to watch
Who were the groundlings? What was their admission? common people who stood on the ground to watch the play; a penny
Who was Shakespeare's mother? Mary Arden
What were the years of Shakespeare's birth and death? born 1564; died 1616
What closed the theater for a number of years? the plague
Describe the lighting for the plays? natural lighting; during the day because there was no electricity
What are the 3 types of plays that Shakespeare wrote? comedies, tragedies, histories
When were Shakespeare's plays published? What was the collection called? after his death (1623); The First Folio
How many plays and sonnets did Shakespeare write? 37 plays and about 154 sonnets
Why weren't there any female actors? considered inappropriate or indecent for women to act
What type of structure do Shakespeare's plays follow? 5 Part Structure of 5 Acts
Which act of the play contains the crisis or turning point where the main character makes a choice that determines the rest of the play? Act III
Which act introduces the main characters and their conflicts and provides background info? Act I
Which act presents the falling action-the consequences of actions taken during the turning point? Act IV
Which act has building of suspense as plot events create a rising action of a series of complications? Act II
What is a pun? the humorous use of a word that has 2 meanings
What is a long speech expressing the thoughts of a character when he is alone on stage? soliloquy
How is a monologue different than a soliloquy? during a monologue other characters may be on the stage too; soliloquy-character is alone
Created by: bonniebyland