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Actions and Effects

Gall Bladder

GB20 **** "Wind Pool" meeting of foot & hand shaoyang, yang wei & yang qiao Eliminates WIND (int/ext, #1 point for HA & dizziness); Benefits the head & eyes; Clears the sense organs; Activates the channel & alleviates pain
GB1 ** Benefits the eyes, eliminates wind and clears heat
GB2 *** Benefits the ears, eliminates wind & clears heat; Activates the channel & alleviates pain, other local problems
GB3 ** "above the joint" Eliminates wind, benefits ears; activates the channel & alleviates pain (ears, eyes, face, teeth, jaw, lips, head)
GB8 ** Eliminates wind, benefits the HEAD, alleviates pain; harmonizes the diaphragm & ST, alleviates vomiting; treats alcohol intoxication
GB12 ** Eliminates wind, benefits the head & alleviates pain; calms the spirit vertebral vascilar-artery insufficiency (TIA)
GB13 ** "Root of spirit" Eliminates wind, resolves phlegm, treats epilepsy; treats the spirit/shen
GB14 *** Eliminates wind, benefits the head & alleviates pain; benefits the eyes (needle towards yuyao); pain of forehead
GB21 *** Regulates Qi, activates the channel & alleviates pain; Transforms & Lowers PHLEGM, dissipates nodules; benefits the BREAST & expedites delivery (strong descending action, NOT for pregnancy)
GB24 ** Front Mu of GB Benefits the GB & spreads LV Qi; Lowers rebellious Qi & harmonizes the mddle jiao; resolves DH (jaundice)
GB25 ** Front Mu of KD Tonifies KDs & regulates water passages; fortifies the SP & regulates the intestines; strengthens the lumbar region
GB26 *** "Girdling Vessel" Regulates Dai Mai & drains dampness; Regulates menstruation & stops leukorrhea; Activates the channel & alleviates pain
GB28 ** "Linking Path" Regulates Dai Mai; Regulates the lower jiao & transforms stagnation; main pt for UTERINE PROLAPSE
GB29 *** Activates the channel & alleviates pain (bursitis of hip, arthritis, flank pain, sciatica); Benefits the Hip joint; Also for shoulder (mirror)
GB30 **** Activates the channel & alleviates pain (#1 point for Sciatica on GB channel); Benefits the hip & leg; Dispels WD (and skin d/o like urticaria, eczema)
GB31 *** "Wind market" Eliminates W (similar to GB20, bias to exterior wind, but also internal); Alleviates itching; Activates the channel & alleviates pain
GB34 **** Hui meeting of Sinews, (Lower) He Sea, Earth Benefits th sinews & joints (musculuoskeletal d/o); Activates channel & alleviates pain; Clears LV & GB DH (also for any GB Fu problem); Spreads LV Qi, benefits lateral costal region; Harmonizes Shaoyang
GB36 ** Xi cleft Activates channel & alleviates pain; Clears heat & detoxifies poison (Rabies w/chills & fever)
GB37 *** " Bright light" Luo pt Benefits the eyes (Principle distal pt d/t connection w/LV); Dispels WD,; Activates channel & alleviates pain
GB38 ** Jing river, fire, child pt Clears GB channel heat (upper, middle & lowe jiao, drains lymph); Harmonizes Shaoyang; Benefits sinews & bones; Activates the channel & allevates pain
GB39 **** Hui meeting pt of Marrow Benefits sinews & bones (bone d/o like osteoporosis, leukemia); benefits the neck (main distal point); dispels WD; activates channel & alleviates pain; Benefits the brain (dementia, parkinson's, dizziness)
GB40 *** Yuan Source Spreads LV Qi, Clears GB heat, DH; Activates channel (yuan fx), alleviates pain and benefits joints; Regulates Sharoyang
GB41 **** "Foot Governor of Tears", Shu Stream, Dai Mai Spreads LV Qi (GYN, damp); Benefits chest, lateral costal region & breasts; Clears head, benefits eyes; Transforms phlegm & dissipates nodules; Dai Mai (outer canthus, ear, cheek, neck, shoulder)
GB43 ** Ying Springh, water Clears heat, benefits the head, ears & eyes; Clears DH from GB channel & reducing swelling (especially distal end)
GB44 ** "Yin portals of the foot" Jing Well, metal Clears heat, benefits the head; benefits the chest & lateral costal region; calms the spirit (w/moxa for insomnia with nightmares)
Created by: Nyssab