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Actions and Effects

Triple Warmer

TW2 ** Ying Spring, water Clears heat in upper reaches of TW channel (ears); calms spirit; activates the channel & alleviates pain
TW3 *** Shu stream, wood, mother Benefits the ears ( #1 for excess, esp of EPF wind, LV fire, LV yang); Clears heat; Clears the head & eyes; Activates channel and alleviates pain (heavinss of body & joint pain!)
Luozhen Neck pain
Yaotonhgxue Lumbar pain point
TW4 ** Yuan source (channel d/o) Relaxes the sinews & alleviates pain (local or distal on channel, and ankle mirrors ST41); Clears heat; wasting and thirsting disorder (DM); thru connection to KD treats GYN d/o & lumbar pain
TW5**** Luo, confluent Yang Wei Mai Opens Yang Linking (expels W & EPF, clears heat, benefit head & ears); Activates the channel, alleviates pain; heat in upper reaches of channel, HA (all types d/t Yang Linking connection)
TW5 + GB41 Influences outer canthus, ear, cheek, neck, shoulder, alternating chills & fever; GYN d/o with underlying dampness
TW6 *** Jing River, fire "flying tiger" #1 TW pt for moving Qi & clears heat in 3 jiao; Activates the channel & alleviates (pain in ribs & lateral costal region); sudden loss of voice d/t WH
TW10 ** "Heaven well" like Window of Heaven pt, He Sea, earth Transfroms PHLEGM & dissipates nodules; regulates Qi & descends rebellion; Calms spirit; Clears heat in channel: Activates channel & alleviates pain
TW14 *** "posterior eye" of shoulder Dispels WD; Alleviates pain & benefits the shoulder
TW15 ** Dispels WD, Activates the channel & alleviates pain (local pain stiffness and spasm); Unbinds the chest, regulates Qi
TW16 ** Window of Heaven Benefits the head & sense organs (esp eyes and ears); Regulates & descends Qi (inversion Qi rushing to head effecting sight & hearing); Local pain/stiffness in neck and inabilithy to turn head; scrofula
TW17 *** "Wind Screen" Benefits the EAR; eliminates wind (ext/int); clears heat; activates channel & alleviates pain
TW20 ** Benefits the ears; benefits the teeth, gums, & lips; Clears HEAT (esp for MUMPS)
TW21 *** Benefits the EARS (and TMJ, upper jaw); Clears heat
TW23 ** Eliminates wind (interior/exterior) & alleviates pain; benefits the EYES
Created by: Nyssab