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first hour B-day

Desktop publishing

alignment where your text is on the page
cyan a bluish green color
RGB red green blue
brouchure a pamphlet of information on a place
bullets listing marks
CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow, black
color wheel a wheel that displays all colors
coplimentary if a color is complimentary it goes well with another color
copyright whether or not someone has the right to copy something
default how something looks when unchanged
serif a font with little marks off the ends
flyer a sheet of information pertaining to a specific thing
font a type of writing like cursive or script
focal point where you want your readers eyes to focus at
logo a special marking or symbol that represents a company
headline a title
facing pages pages facing each other
landscape a longways laying page
opacity how clear something is
orientation which way something is facing up, down, sideways, etc.
bitmap images made using equations
vector images that are made using lines
repetition how much something repeats
proportion how big something is next to one thing
sans serif writing without little marks on the letters
rule of thirds imaginary lines when taking a picture to show focal points
symmetrical if something has the exact same layout as something else
text wrap to wrap text behind around or behind a picture
watermark a faded mark across the page that show what the paper is about
weight how wide a thing is
white space blank space on a page to keep organization
x height the height of most lower case letters
thumbnail a rough sketch
ascend er a letter that goes above the x-height
descender a letter that goes below the x-height
drop cap when a letter in a paragraph is way bigger than all the others are (usually the first one)
kerning changing the spacing between letters
leading the distance between lines
pica 12 point font
type style variations of thickness or stroke such as light or bold
crop to trim an image
newsletter an informational text to someone who is interested in that certain thing
Created by: Joshua M.