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MS Safety & Security

spam unwanted, unrequested messages received via the Internet; often used for the purpose of advertising
password secret series of letters, numbers, and symbols used to gain access to a website or account
security the state of being safe or free from danger or other harm
acceptable use policy formal document that states what users can and cannot do on a network; used by most schools and employers
malware software designed to harm a computer system or steal information
virus type of malware that travels via the programs you run and files you open on your computer
trojan type of malware that pretends to be a useful piece of software and then damages your computer once installed
worm type of malware that can automatically copy itself and spread to other computers, no human action needed
antivirus program designed to detect malware and remove it from a computer system
firewall program designed to block people or software that should not have access to a computer or network
Created by: elithomas