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comments that could be construed as sexist
The term can be construed in two different ways.
Pollution and neglect have conspired to ruin the city
Emily felt that everything was conspiring against her
All six men admitted conspiring to steal cars
There was some evidence that he had been conspiring against the government
The money will be used for teacher training schemes
schemes for two new cross-city lines
scheme to do sth-  a new scheme to boost exports
a get-rich-quick scheme
She schemed to kill him with poison
He became aware that people were scheming against him and called an emergency meeting
She's nothing but a lying, scheming little monster
superior/considerable/keen etc intellect  -He combined a formidable intellect with a talent for speaking
He inspired many young people to take up the sport
We need someone who can inspire the team
Gandhi's quiet dignity inspired great respect
His driving hardly inspires confidence(make people feel) The hospital's record does not inspire confidence
The story was inspired by a chance meeting with an old Russian duke
a range of designs inspired by wild flowers
BRING ABOUT, OCCASION <the book was inspired by his travels in the Far East> b : INCITE
thoughts inspired by a visit to the cathedral
They brought news of further fighting along the border
It was the war that first brought him to power-prominence
So far the US has been unable to bring him to justice (=make him be punished for his actions)
Bring the sauce to the boil (=heat it until it boils)
The country had been brought to its knees (=caused to be in such a bad condition that it is almost impossible to continue
He lifted the axe above his head, then brought it down with a thud on the tree trunk.
The storm brought the old oak tree crashing down
The discovery of gold brought thousands of people to the Transvaal
What brings you here on a night like this?
The expansion of state education brought new and wider opportunities for working class children
The government is launching a new initiative to bring jobs to deprived areas
It's a good sign - let's hope it will bring us some luck
Who knows what the future will bring?
bring charges/a lawsuit/a court case/a prosecution/a claim (against sb)
Survivors of the fire later brought a billion dollar lawsuit against the company
The police say they are planning to bring charges against him
Her words brought a sudden smile to his lips
The pain brought tears to his eyes
bring the total/number/score etc to sth used when saying what the new total etc is  This brings the total to 46
This brings me to the main point of today's meeting
This programme is brought to you by the BBc
formal to use something, for example your power, authority, or your knowledge, in a way that will have a big effect on something or someone  The full force of the law was brought to bear on anyone who criticized the government
= cause  How can we bring about a change in attitudes?  A huge amount of environmental damage has been brought about by the destruction of the rainforests.
You're welcome to bring along a friend
I've brought some pictures along to show you
I'll try to bring the conversation around to the subject of money.
to make someone become conscious again  I slapped his face a couple of times to try to bring him round
I'll bring the books around tomorrow.(to bring someone or something to someone's house)
= reintroduce  The city council has decided to bring back the old electric trams.
Bringing back the death penalty has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime.=reintroduce
The trip brought back a lot of happy memories .= help remember
Seeing those pictures on TV brought it all back to me=helped remember
= reinstate  Following their latest defeat, soccer fans are urging the club to bring back the former manager
This brings us back to the question of funding
The government hopes these measures will help to bring down inflation.
= land  The pilot managed to bring the plane down safely.
A bomber had been brought down by anti-aircraft fire.
(to make someone fall over)  He was brought down by the goalkeeper and awarded a penalty.
His recklessness brought down disaster on the whole family
a tragic love affair that brought forth=produced only pain
The government has brought forward new proposals to tackle the problem of increasing crime
Harsh anti-Trade Union laws were brought in in the early 1980s= introduced
The police were brought in to investigate the matter
(to attract customers to a shop or business)  We've got to bring in more business if we want the restaurant to survive.
The jury brought in a verdict of not guilty= say officially in law court
Most of the land has now been brought into cultivation.
The work brought me into contact with a lot of very interesting people
The government is trying to bring teachers into the debate on education.
There is a danger that this could bring other countries into the war.
Stress can bring on an asthma attack.= cause
What's brought this on? Have I upset you somehow?=cause
You have brought disaster on the whole village!
This brings me onto the question of pay rises.
The spices really bring out the flavour of the meat= make easy to detect
Jenny opened the cupboard and brought out a couple of bottles.
Alcohol just brings out the worst in her=make behave in a certain way
He was brought up before a magistrate, charged with dangerous driving
birds trilling in the trees= short repeated sound
'Have a nice time, darling,' she trilled (to say something in a high happy voice that sounds slightly false)
parents who shirk their responsibilities towards their children
(to deliberately avoid doing something you should do, because you are lazy)  a salesman who was fired for shirking
shirk one's duty جیم شدن
You can't go on evading your responsibilities in this way
Employers will always try to find ways to evade tax
You're simply trying to evade the problem .
The minister evaded the question .= avoid talking about or answering
I could tell that he was trying to evade the issue
She managed to evade the police=escape
So far he has evaded capture
= elude  The subtleties of his argument evaded me.
She got a round of applause (=a short period of applause) when she finished
rapturous/enthusiastic applause:  He left the stage to rapturous applause
His work was acclaimed by art critics.
The young singer is enjoying massive critical acclaim (=praise by people who are paid to give their opinion on art, music etc) .
international/great/popular/public etc acclaim  Their recordings have won great acclaim
Rick accepted her offer of coffee.
He accepted the invitation to stay with us.
The children gradually began to accept her as one of the family.
Please accept my sincere apologies .
The University will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen
'That's the only possible solution.' 'Yes, I suppose so,' Charles conceded.
I conceded that I had made a number of errors
The Georgian forces defended the capital but were finally obliged to concede.=dmit defeat
In May 1949, Stalin conceded defeat and reopened land access to Berlin
The king finally agreed to concede further powers to Parliament.
Finally the company conceded wage increases to their workers.=finally accepted)
Britain could grant Spain's request =give them what they request
would love to be able to grant her wish
The council have granted him permission to build on the site.
A licence to sell alcohol was granted to the club.
concede=  He's got talent, I grant you , but he doesn't work hard enough.
The university gets a government grant
Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should write to the Treasurer.
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