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Ch. 6 Video Language

Camera Angles

Frame A single still picture, 30 make a second of NTSC video. Also, the border around the image.
Act A major section (usually between 10- 45 mins.) of a longer program.
Camera Angle The position from which a shot is taken.
Point of View A vantage point from which the camera "sees" a shot.
Match Points The places, in two shots, where they can be cut together to make the action appear continuous.
Program Any complete video presentation.
Cut Together To follow one shot with another.
Wipe A transition in which a line moves across the screen.
Dissolve A fade in that coincides with a fade out.
Continuity Organization of video material into a coherent presentation.
Scene A short segment of program content.
DVE (Digital Video Effect) Any digitally created transitional device other than a fade or dissolve.
Jump Cut An edit in which the incoming shot is too similar to the outgoing shot.
Wide Angle Lens A lens or setting on a zoom lens that minimizes subjects and magnifies apparent depth.
Fade Out A transition in which the image begins at full brightness and gradually darkens to pure black.
Telephoto Lens A lens or setting on a zoom lens setting that magnifies subjects and minimizes apparent depth.
Image A single set of visual information.
Setup An arrangement of production equipment placed to record shots from a certain point of view.
Shot A single continuous recording.
Sequence A longer segment of program content, usually consisting of several related scenes.
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