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Ch. 9 Vocab

Vocabulary in español

Atún Tuna
Artesanía Crafts
Bote Can
Botella Bottle
Blusa Blouse
Camisa Shirt
De manga corta Short sleeved shirt
De manga larga Long sleeved shirt
Carrito Shopping cart
Cebollas Onions
Centro commercial Shopping center
Cerámicas Ceramics
Chaqueta Jacket
El cliente Customer
Compras Shopping
Corbata Tie
Empleado Salesperson
Escaparate Store window
Frasco Jar
Frutería Fruit stand
Gente People
Guisantes Peas
Judías verdes Green beans
Kilo Kilo
Lata Can
Liquidción Sale
Maíz Corn
Manzanas Apples
Mayonesia Mayo
Mercado Market
Mercado indigina Native market
Naranjas Oranges
Número Shoe size
Pantalón Pants
Paquete Package
Par de zapatos Pair of shoes
Par de tenis Tennis shoes
Pimientos Peppers
Piña People neapples
Plátanos Banana
Precio Price
Producto Product
Puesto Market stall
Saldo Sale
Sandalias Sandals
Supermercado Supermarket
Tajada Slice
Talla Size
Tejidos Fabrics
Tenderete Market stall
Tienda de ropa Clothing store
Uvas Grapes
Vendedor Vendor
Verdularía Vegetable store
Vestido Dress
Zanahorias Carrot
Calzar To wear
Conocer To know
Costar To cost
Ir de compras To go shopping
Rebajar To lower prices
Ragatear To bargain
Saber To know
Usar To use
Barato Cheap
Caro Expensive
Cengelado Frozen
Diferente Different
Este This
Estos These
Esa That
Esos Those
Aquel That
Aquellos Those
Mejor Better
Peor Worse
Mayor Older
Menor Younger
Mucho A lot
Poco A little
Todo Everyone
A quanto están? How good?
Es verdad That's true
Te queda bien Looks good
Tebsale mas barato That's cheeap
Algo mas? Anything else
Nada mas? Nothing else?
Cien 100
Doscientos 200
Trescientos 300
Cuatrocientos 500
Quinientos 500
Seiscientos 600
Setecientos 700
Ochocientos 800
Novecientos 900
Mil 1000
Millón Million
Millones More than a million
Created by: AlexB1234