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Spell Bowl 2015 SpL4

Words from Special List pages 4a-4e

mutually shared by two or more groups
alphabetically in abc order
accessiblility able to approach, enter, use
believable able to have confidence or trust in
habitable able to live in
inexcusable incapable of being justified
negotiable able to make a deal
fusible able to melt together
maintenance upkeep, taking care of property, etc.
recalcitrance being hard to deal with or manage
iridescence shiny with multiple colors
sufficiency enough, adequacy
appellant related to a petition or plea
truant absent without permission
coefficient number in a math expression (ie. 3x)
incandescent intensely bright, glowing with light or heat
permanent not temporary
subsequent following in order, coming afterwards
axillary a part under the wing or armpit
tributary stream that flows into a larger stream or river
powdery ground up; like dust
disadvantageous not beneficial or helpful
irreplaceable not able to exchange for a new one
voracious ravenous; consuming large amounts
guerdon a reward
molten liquified by heat
rhododendron a flowering shrub
talon sharp claw
frivolity playfulness
ingenuity intelligents; "smarts"
technicality detailed point
tranquility peaceful
encumber restrict or burden; saddle with debt
schemer person making secret or underhanded plans
wooer man who courts or tries to attract a woman
clangor continuous loud banging or ringing
masticator one who chews food to a pulp
pastor minister, reverend, preacher
confessional place where you tell your sins
lesion open sore or wound
audition interview for a role or performance
dictation saying words to be written or typed by someone else
flagellation flogging or beaten, sometimes for religious reasons
intentionally on purpose; meaning to do
nullification act of cancelling
reclamation act of taking back, especially from waste
truncation act of cutting something short (i.e. 3.14 instead of 3.1415 for pi)
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