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Onur Quiz 1

Onur Quiz 1 - intro and cold, acrid, release ext.

What are the five aspects of each herb? 1. property, 2. taste, 3. meridian 4. direction, 5.toxicity
What are the functions of Cold, Cool herbs? Clear heat & fire, detoxify, nourish Yin
What are the functions of Hot herbs? Disperse cold, warm interior, invig. Yang, resuscitate Yang, consolidate scattered Qi/Yang. (Generally increases metabolism from western view).
Acrid taste is associated with which organ? LU
Aromatic is a sub category of which taste? Acrid
Herbs of which taste Course the Qi and Gather the Blood? Sour
Herbs of which flavor are Dispersing, Activating and Dry Damp? Acrid
Astringent is a subcategory of which taste? Sour
Which flavor drains/purges/clears heat and has a downward movement? Bitter
What functions are ascribed to herbs of sweet taste? Strengthening, Nourishing, Harmonizing, Moderating(helps protect middle jiao/moderates toxicity), Moves Food Stagnation
What are the 3 classes of herbs according to Shen Nong Ben Cao? Inferior(expel pathogens, short-term use), Medium(expel pathogens and tonify a little), Superior(true tonics, long-term use)
What functions are associated with Bland herbs? Draining and harmonizing nature – Drain / leach out damp, promote urination
Which flowers have an uncharacteristic descending quality? Xuan Fu Hua, Huai Hua Mi
Which seeds have an uncharacteristic ascending quality? Man Jing Zi, Jue Ming Zi and Niu Bang Zi
List the 7 types of combining effects.(Seven Emotions) 1. Single Effect, 2. Mutual Accentuation 3. Mutual enhancement, 4. Mutual counteraction 5. mutual suppression 6. mutual antagonism 7. mutual incompatibility
Mutual Accentuation Similar properties make stronger effect.
Mutual Enhancement One herb helps enhance another stronger herb.
Mutual Counteraction One herb helps enhance another stronger herb AND mitigates a toxic or harsh property in that herb
Mutual Suppression Antidote. One herb mitigates a toxic or harsh property in that herb
Mutual Antagonism 2 herbs decrease each others functions
Mutual Incompatibility 2 herbs become toxic if used together
Name 2 herbs that are incompatible with Fuzi. Ban Xia, Gua Luo (and Tian Hua Fen, Gua Lou’s root)
Ma Huang functions 1. Induce sweat & release ext, 2. Stop wheezing/asthma/cough, 3. Promote urination, 4. W-C-D Bi syndrome (Also treats itchiness, warms Yang Qi)
Ma Huang cautions/contraindications HTN; sweating; CVD/meds
Ma Huang + Gui zhi Increases temp and sweat
Ma Huang + She gan Clears toxic heat from throat.
Ma Huang + Shi gao For LU fire. Shi gao’s cold overwhelms Ma Huang’s heat. Formula:Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang.
Ma Huang + Xing ren Harmonizes inhalation and exhalation
Ma huang preparations Sheng Ma huang is more dispersive. Zhi ma huang has moderated effects.
Gui Zhi functions 1. Induce sweat & rel ext w/Ma huang or alone, 2. Warm&Unblock the yang qi (of Heart, 12 meridians, uterus, bladder, Increases micro circulation to skin and distal extremities)
GUI ZHI + Shi Gao For Heat Bi(Gout. Formula: Bai Hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang)
GUI ZHI + Bai shao Harmonizes Ying and Wei
Xi Xin functions 1. Release exterior & disperse cold(W-C w/ HA & nasal cong - Bi yuan)2. Warm int & disperse cold, allev pain(Lung – Cold flds)asthma/cough, Kidney – Cold Bi pain, Headache d/t W-C, Toothache d/t St fire (w/ Shi gao)
Xi Xin Caution Aristolochic Acid
Xi Xin + Shi gao For tooth ache. Shi Gao clears stomach heat..
Xi Xin + Wu wei zi For asthma. Xi Xin warms LU and disperses LU Qi. Wu Wei Zi counters the action and binds fluids/cough.
Jing Jie functions 1. Rel. the ext & expel wind(W-C,W-H), 2. Vent rashes and allev itch(Wind-rash or eczema), 3. Stop bleeding (charred/tan)
Jing Jie + Fang Feng Considered mild release ext. herbs
Fang Feng functions 1. Rel ext and expel wind(W-C,W-H), Stops itching 2. Expel wind damp & alliev pain(Wind or Damp type Bi (Wandering Bi), 3. Raise SP qi, harmonize Sp-Lr, 4. Extinguish intestinal wind, bind intestines (tan/charred)5. Extinguish wind & stop tremors.
What’s so great about Fang Feng? Treats both internal & external wind. Expels wind w/o drying.
Sheng Jiang functions 1. Release exterior & dispel cold(Auxiliary herb in formulas for Early/mild W-C), 2. Warm MJ (nausea/vomit), 3. Reduce toxicity-Ban xia, Tian nan xing
Sheng Jiang +Ban Xia Tx: nausea(add to other formulas)
Sheng Jiang w/ Zhu Ru Tx: nausea and vomit d/t ST and GB heat.
Sheng Jiang w/ Zi Su Ye Tx: seafood poisoning
Sheng Jiang, Gan Cao, Da Zao( The Three Sweets) HZ MJ, protect MJ from harsh herbs. Example: Gui Zhi Tang.
What is incompatible w/ Gan Cao? Hai Zao, Da Ji, Yuan Hua, Gan Sui
What is incompatible w/ LiLu? Dan Shen, Ren Shen, SHa Shen, Ku Shen, Xi Xin, Shao Yao.
What is incompatible w/ Wu Tou? Bei Mu, Bai Ji, Bai Lian, Ban Xia, Gua Luo(and Tian Hua Fen)
Dry fry(Chao)processing warms, tonifies SP/ST, HZ, increase storage time.
Flash Fry(Pao)processing increases warmth, decreases toxicity
Charred(tan) processing increase astringency(blood), moderate, increase warmth
Calcined processing increase brittleness and astringency(blood)
Paper wrapped/Baked processing decrease toxicity
Honey fried(Zhi)processing warm, moistening, tonifying, moderating
ginger juice fried(Jiang)processing increase warmth, decrease toxicity and bitterness(nausea,vomit)
Vinegar fried(CU)processing enters LR, increase astringency, invigs, disperses, relieve pain.
Wine Fried(Jiu)processing increase invigs, disperses, guide to head and upper body
Steamed(shu)processing Increase warmth, moisten/nourish
Zi Su Ye functions 1. release ext/disperse cold 2. warm/HZ Middle Jiao 3. Calm Fetus
zi su ye + huang lian nausea/vomit d/to morning sick or damp heat
Zi Su Ye + Xing Ren HZ LU Qi (Upward and Downward)
Zi Su Ye + Xiang Fu Wind-Cold w/ Qi stagnation
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