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Spanish 3 La Fiesta

Vocab for chapter 9 in Spanish 3

Happiness La alegria
Friendship la amistad
Love el amor
kiss el beso
Surprise la sorpresa
(Wedding) Anniversary el aniversario (de bodas)
Wedding la boda
Divorce el divorcio
Marriage el matrimonio
Christmas la Navidad
15th Birthday (Young Woman celebrating) la quinceañera
Newlywed el\la recien casado\a
to change cambiar
to celebrate celebrar
to have fun divertirse (e:ie)
to graduate (from/in) graduarse (de/en)
to invite invitar
to retire (from work) jubilarse
to be born nacer
to hate odiar
to have a good/bad time pasarlo bien/mal
to laugh reirse (e:i)
to relax relajarse
to smile sonreir
to suprise sorprender
together juntos/as
Congratulations! ¡Felicidades! or ¡Felicitaciones!
Birthday cumpleaños
to toast (drink) brindar
to give a gift regalar
bottle (of wine) la botella (de vino)
champagne el champán
sweets; candy los dulces
baked (carmel) custard el flan (de carmelo)
cookie la galleta
el helado ice cream
(chocolate) cake or pie el pastel (de chocolate)
dessert el postre
marital status el estado civil
to get married casarse
to get engaged comprometerse
to get divorced divorciarse
to fall in love enamorarse
to break up romper
salir to go out with/to date
casado/a married
divorciado/a divorced
separado/a seperated
soltero/a single
viudo/a widower/widow
adolenscence la adolescenia
el dia de fiestas holiday
las estapas de la vida the stages of life
la vejez elder
el nacimiento newborn
contigo with you
conmigo with me
llevarse bien/mal (con) to get along (with) badly or well
comprometerse to get engaged
la pareja couple (married)
romper to break up
separarse to seperate
tener una cita to have a date (appointment)
la niñez childhood
la juventud youth
la madurez maturity
la muerte death
Created by: joebrezze13
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