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French History

12th century theologian famous for his love affair with heloise and the work "sic et non" Abelard
arch commemorating napoleon's victories: designed by Jean Chalgrin Arc de Triomphe
Elected King of France in 987; the __tian dynasty ruled until 1328 Capet
French Premier at the end of WW1; French representative for the treaty of versailles peace conference Clemenceau
President of France; started the free french movement in ww2 De Gaille
falsely accused of betraying french military secrets; was later reinstated in the army; zola's book j'accuse centers on the mistreatment of____ Dreyfus
king of france; well loved monarch that established religious tolerance in his country Henry 4
radical party during the french revolution led by robspierre jacobins
led french against english during the hundred years war; was captured by burgundians and was turned over to the english who burned her at the stake joan of arc
who was greatly influenced by his chief minister cardinal richelieu Louis 13
i am the state; sun king louis 14
Last king of France before the revolution louis 16
king of france; the revolution of 1848 led to his abdication louis phillipe
leader of the jacobins who was stabbed to death in his bathtub marat
french queen who was beheaded on the guillotine during the revolution with her husband louis 16; said let them eat cake marie antoinette
emperor of france: nephew of napoleon 1 who came to power as president in 1848 then staged a coup, making himself emperor napoleon 3
head of the vichy government in france petain
govt. of France after german occupation at the beginning of ww2 vichy government
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