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Br. History

queen of great britain (1702-14); the daughter of James 2 and the last Stuart sovereign queen anne
saxon king of england (871-99); resisted danish invaders and helped build a strong monarchy Alfred the Great
wife of James 1 of England (james6 of scotland) Anne of Denmark
archbishop of canterbury that was assassinated in canterbury cathedral because of differences with Henry 2 Thomas a Becket
wrote "commentaries on the laws of england" which was the 1st comprehensive description of the principles of english law Blackstone
british prime minister who negotiated the munich pact with germany in 1938 in hopes to avoid war; claimed the pact had secured "peace for out time", enemies called his tactics "appeasement" Chamberlain
king of great britain (1625-49) executed for treason in 1649 Charles 1
british prime minister (1940-45, 1951-5) including WW2; said "I have nothing to offer buy blood, toil, tears, and sweat." coined the phrase "iron curtain" Churchill
english political leader who led the parliament army to victory over king charles 1 in the english civil war and emerged as ruler of the nation; held title Lord Protector of the Commonwealth; the restoration of the king occured after his death Cromwell
queen of england (1558-1603); daughter of Henry 8 and Anne Boleyn; called the "virgin queen" because she never married Elizabeth 1
present queen of England Elizabeth 2
king of britain during the american revolution george 3
four-time prime minister gladstone
british revolution in 1688 in which king james 2 was deposed and the crown was given jointly to william 2 and his wife mary 2 glorious revolution
made himself head of the english church after being excommunicated by the pope (1535) henry 8
succeeded richard the lionhearted in 1199; was forced to sign the magna carta in 1215 at runneymede king john
british prime minister who attended the conference that produced the treaty of versailles; opposed president wilson and wanted to severly punish germany lloyd george
british general who led british forces in ww2; defeated rommel's german forces in N.Africa Montgomery
12th century english king who fought in the crusades; succeeded by king john richard the lionhearted
became britain's first woman prime minister in1979 Thatcher
queen of britain (1837-1901); married to prince albert; longest reign of any british king or queen victoria
1st prime minister of britain (1721-42) Walpole
ruled jointly after glorious revolution of 1688 william and mary
duke of normandy who led the norman conquest of england in 1066 at the battle of hastings; king of england (1066-87) William the Conqueror
1st wife catherine of aragon
2 anne boleyn
3 jane seymore
4 anne of cleves
5 catherine howard
6 catherine parr
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