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Photoshop-Concepts A

JHS Skinner Photoshop

To make permanent adjustments to images, use the adjustments option under this menu: Image
To make reversible adjustments to images, use the adjustments option under this menu: Layer
When creating an adjustment layer, check the box under the layer name to create this: clipping mask
Adjustment that uses a slider to adjust individual color levels (dark areas and light areas) Levels
Adjustment used to turn a photo to monochrome Black and White
Adjustment that allows you to change the color and intensity of a color Hue/Saturation
Adjustment that allows you to simulate special camera filters, such as warming or cooling in image Photo Filter
Adjustment that allows one to adjust the amount of specific colors (liven up all red areas, for example) Selective Color
To Undo a mistake using a keyboard shortcut in Photoshop, Press Control+Alt and the letter Z
To create a duplicate of a layer, press these this key and drag with the Move tool Alt
The layer styles button on the Layers panel has these letters fx
The layer style (fx) for creating a shadow behind a layer Drop Shadow
To separate a shadow from the layer and put it on its own layer, right click the layer styles and select Create Layer
The layer style (fx) that create a 3D or raised effect Bevel and Emboss
The layer style (fx) used to add a pattern inside a shape Pattern Overlay
The layer style (fx) used to add a gradient inside a shape Gradient Overlay
Gradients have various colors; each color box is referred to as a: stop
The default gradient type is: linear
By default, drop shadows all use the same angle. If you do not want them to, uncheck this option in the layer style dialog box: Use Global Light
The layer style (fx) used to add a border around a layer Stroke
The stroke style that creates pointed edges around the layer inside
To make a shape color change when a black and white pattern is applied, add a Color Overlay and modify this in the Layer Styles dialog box: Blend Mode
To remove all layers styles attached to a layer, right click the layer in the Layers panel and select this: Clear Layer Styles
This panel contains presets that are fancy applications of layer styles; includes categories such as abstract, button, dotted strokes, and more Styles
The file format for downloaded styles to load into Photoshop ASL
The file format for downloaded brushes to load into Photoshop ABR
The file format for downloaded patterns to load into Photoshop PAT
The file format for downloaded shapes to load into Photoshop CSH
To make layers see through, modify this for that specific layer on the Layers panel opacity
To change Type to be in various shapes, such as Arc, Flag, and Wave, click this button on the Options bar Warp
Press this key to select the Brush tool B
Before using the Brush, you should always create this first new layer
To make the brush smaller, press this key [
To make the brush larger, press this key ]
If the brush changes to a plus sign (precise cursor) instead of a preview of the actual brush shape, this is turned on Caps Lock
A "fuzzy" brush as a hardness level that is low
On the color box, the ____ color is the Brush color top
This tool works like a Brush except it removes pixels as you drag it across the image Eraser
When creating a shape, be sure this option is selected on the Options bar or you will draw a path instead Shape
Shapes create their own layers and they appear with a color box because they are vectors
When creating a clipping mask for an image inside a shape, which goes on top? image
To create a clipping mask, click on the line between two layers and click while holding this key: Alt
You can modify the fill of a layer to be a solid color or a: pattern
To convert a GIF to be used on a JPG image, change the color mode from Index to: RGB
To change the color mode, click this menu: Image
If an arrow is pointing down to a layer and you don't want it to be, right click the layer and choose: Release Clipping Mask
Created by: skindawg