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JHS Skinner Photoshop

The native format for saving in Photoshop, which maintains editability in layers PSD
The most common web format for saving images; 16 million colors JPG
To save a copy of an image to use on the internet, use the File menu and then Export
To enlarge the area behind an image (to create headroom, for example) you should modify this on the Image menu Canvas Size
To undo in Photoshop, you actually step: backward
Which image adjustment is used to make a picture in black and white tones? Black and White
How "strong" a color value is refers to the: saturation
The actual color shade is the: hue
To remove part of an image, draw with this tool in a rectangular area around the part you wish to keep and then press Enter or Checkmark. Crop
To straighten an image, use this tool Ruler
To mirror an image, use the Image menu and Image Rotation or right click and then select this flip canvas horizontal
The little menus all around the Photoshop screen, such as Layers, History and Color are called panels
The top bar on the Photoshop workspace with words you click to bring up pull down menus Menu bar
To second bar at the top of the Photoshop workspace that changes based on what tool is clicked on Options bar
To add words to a Photoshop document, use this tool Type
The keyboard shortcut to zoom in Control +
The keyboard shortcut to zoom out Control -
To move around an image, use this tool Hand
Use this panel to move around or zoom on the image Navigator
Use this panel to reorder or rename layers Layers
The Move tool can be accessed using this keyboard shortcut V
Bring up transform controls using this keyboard shortcut Control T
Hold this when resizing using a corner transform handle to maintain aspect ratio (so you don't smash or stretch the picture) Shift
To take multiple images and pull them out of tabs or arrange them on the screen so you can see more than one at a time, use the Window menu and go to: Arrange
The way the screen is set up and which panels are visible is determined by choosing a: Workspace
If you have closed many panels and a workspace is messed up, you should do this to the workspace reset
Created by: skindawg