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Quotes from Antigone or relating to Antigone

QuoteWho Said ItWhat It Relates Back To
"You can not mean bury him... against the order." Ismene Ismene, embodying the role of a good Greek woman. Does not wish to go against what is expected of her.
"Never a bride, never a mother..." Antigone Antigone, although going against her gender role, still values aspects of what is expected of a good Greek woman (marriage, children).
"Take them and keep them within - the proper place for women." Creon Women belonged in a dungeon, where they could not be seen or heard.
"Oh, there are other fields for him to plough." Creon Women were thought to be not as valuable as men and as expendable.
"Yet this is the worst plague Zeus has made and he has bound us to them with a fetter that cannot be broken. Because of this some have gone to Hades fighting for a woman." Semonides Wider Greek society (outside quote). Semonides speaks of women almost as a punishment for men.
"...speech shall be for men, for all but most of all for me; since mine is the authority in the house. She then seized with wonder, went back to her chamber..." Homer Wider Greek society (outside quote). Enforces gender roles, what is expected of a Greek woman (to not speak and to let the husband do the speaking).
"I do not think your edicts strong enough to overrule the unwritten, unalterable laws of God and heaven, you only being a man." Antigone Antigone breaking from her traditional role as a good Greek woman to obey what the gods have ordered.
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