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ATOTCVocab book 1

Vocabulary words for book one for A Tale of Two Cities

Epoch Major point in time
Incredulity Disbelief
Tremulous Quaking, trembling
Forlorn Deserted, wretched, left alone
Adjuration Solemn command
Expeditiously With speed and efficiency
Inscrutable Not able to be understood, mysterious
Sonorous Full, deep, resonant sound
Levity Amusement; Lack of seriousness
Feigned To pretend
Incumbent (incubment on me to..-one's duty;) Person in office
Sagacity Being wise; Wisdom; A sage- sagacious
Emaciated Haggard, worn, extremley thin
Inexorable Unyielding
Myriad Great in number (Greek for 10,000)
Retinue Attendants of followers of distinguished, high-ranking person
Environed Surrounded by
Contraband Illegal, smuggled goods
Martial War-like (Mars, the god of war)
Lethargy A state of sluggishness; Being lazy or indifferent; Extreme drowsiness
Created by: ray.rachel