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ICT-career vocab

9/4 test-careers

Interests your favorite activities
Technology the practical use of scientific knowledge to get things done
Interest inventory checklist that points to your strongest interests
Values what you believe is important
Work values things about work that are important to you
Economic values how important money is to your happiness
Skill the ability to perform a task due to training and experience
Ability a skill you have already developed
Aptitude your potential for learning a skill
Job specific skills skills necessary to do a specific job
Transferable skills skills used in schools and in various other types of jobs
Personality sum of your feelings, actions, habits, and thoughts
Learning styles different ways people naturally think and learn
Self awareness knowing your thoughts, feelings, and actions
Career clusters groups of similar occupations and industries
Career interest areas general kinds of activities people do in many different careers
Research you investigate a subject and gather information about it
Job shadowing involves following someone for a few days on the job
Internship a temporary paid or unpaid position that involves direct work experience in a career field
Volunteering working without pay
Created by: aidanmckeon