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Cumulative Vocab 10

1st Semester Vocab 10

partager to divide
effrayant frightening
la gamme the range
jusque-à up until..
mistral wind in france
goute drops
la bête noire a pet peeve
littoral coastal
s'étendre to spread
désormais from then on
bocal jar
rempli de filled with
marin sailor
récoltés to harvest
étuis à couteau a knife case
milliard billion
déverser to pour into
cimetiere a cemetery
répandre to scatter
morceaux pieces
la pire the worst
échantillons samples
le sort the destiny/fate
croître to grow
au fildu across
navires ships
dons donations
les avertissements the warnings
désagréger to destroy
interdisent prohibit
fournir to provide
realizer to bring about
milieu the middle/medium
Created by: chiken