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Web Design HTML ABCD

spaces Avoid using these in HTML filenames (html or image files)
<!doctype html> First line; document type declaration tag
</html> Final tag in HTML documents
browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are examples of
search engines Google, Bing, and Ask are examples of
HyperText The HT in HTML
Markup The M in HTML
Language The L in HTML
nothing What goes between </head> and <body>?
<head> Sacred tag on the webpage for elements that DO NOT display on the browser screen, such as title or meta
<title> Tag where the words that display in the title bar or tab are coded
<body> Put all content that display in the browser window in this tag section
tags HTML codes inside angled brackets are called this
empty Tags that do not have separate opening and closing tag pairs are referred to as this
<p> Tag for any regular sized block of text, even if it's just one word long
<strong> Tag used to bold words
<em> Tag used to italicize words
<h2> Tag used to insert a level 2 heading
<h1> Largest HTML heading tag
<h6> Smallest HTML heading tag
<hr /> Tag to insert a horizontal line across the page
<br /> Tag used within a block element to "enter" down one line
nesting Closing the open tags in reverse order is referred to as this
1 If you press spacebar 50 times in an HTML document, how many times will it space in the browser?
0 If you press enter 4 times in an HTML document, how many times with it enter in the browser?
.html Save HTML files with this extension
text editors Notepad++ or Notepad are examples of these
inline Elements that are used within a block element, such as <strong> or <br /> are called this type of element
block Elements that "stand alone" and appear on the screen as if they have a line break before and after them
<sup> Tag to create a character raised off the baseline of text
<sub> Tag to create a character lowered below the baseline of text
<del> Tag to denote deletion, and appears as a strikethrough in the middle of the letters
<blockquote> Block element tag used to indent text from both the right and left side
<q> Used for short quotes and in most browsers creates quotation marks
<abbr> Tag used to create popup text; must be used with title attribute
title Which attribute must be used with abbr tag?
superscript The little 2 that appears as a "power" (like in "two squared") is an example of a:
subscript The little 2 that appears down low, like in the chemical formula for water is an example of a:
equals sign This symbol is used after the attribute before providing details (use the words)
colon This symbol is used between a property and value in a style declaration (use the word)
semi-colon This symbol is used after a value in a style declaration (use the word)
quotation marks Information after the equals sign in an attribute must be enclosed in these (use the words)
color The property value to change the color of words
background-color The property value to change the color of the background on the page or behind words
<body> This tag should include the style for an entire page font color change
#FFFFFF Hex code for white
#000000 Hex code for black
#FF0000 Hex code for red
#0000FF Hex code for blue
text-align The property value to change alignment of text from left to right or center
white Hex code color for #FFF
border-color To make an HR work in the main browsers, style for background-color, color, height, and this:
px Abbreviation for pixel measurement
2px Proper way to write 2 pixels as a value
<mark> This tag is used to highlight parts of your text (like a highlighter)
UTF-8 What character encoding is included in the meta tag?
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