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Domain 1 Fairy Tales

Domain 1 Fairy Tales and Tall Tales

charming adj. Very pleasing or appealing
displeases adj. Feeling unhappy or bothered about something
enchanted adj. As if under a magic spell
hesitated adj. Stopped briefly before doing something
might n. Power to do something; force or strength
curious adj. Having a desire to learn more about something
ignorant adj. Lacking knowledge or information
inspect v. To look carefully at something
intelligent adj. Able to easily learn or understand things
astonished adj. Feeling or showing great surprise or amazement
fearsome adj. Causing fear or very frightening
fortune n. Great wealth or riches
merchant n. Someone who buys and sells goods
constant adj. Happening all the time, over a long period of time
despite adj. Without being stopped; anyway
determined adj. With strong feeling that you are going to do something
sorrowful adj. Feeling or showing great sadness
admiration n. A feeling of deep respect and liking
colossal adj. Unbelievably large or great
frontier n. The unsettled part of the American West
inseparable adj. Seemingly always together; not able to be separated
energy n. Power; the ability to be active
persuaded v. Caused to do something by asking, convincing or arguing
relaxed v. Not tight or carefully controlled
tame v. To train to obey people
challenge n. A difficult task or problem
compete v. To try to be better than someone else at something
feats n. Achievements or deeds that require courage or strength
solution n. Something that solves a problem
steam n. The hot air and/or water droplets created when water is boiled
mounted v. To get on or climb up
legendary adj. Well-known; famous; like or having to do with a legend
passengers n. People traveling from one place to another in a car, bus, or train
pride adj. A feeling of respect for yourself
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