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vocabulary list 2

your basic belief about a partricular topic,event,or idea claim
a solid and reasonable argument that opposes or disagreed with claim counterclaim
a written or verbal response to a counterclaim; the object of the rebuttal is to take into account the idea presented in the counterclaim and expain why they aren't persuasive enough valid enough,or improtant enough to outweigh your own claim rebuttal
your specfic facts or specific avidence used to support why your claim is true support
argue againt a position or prove it to be wrong refute
a patry-agree stance in which you agree(in part) with another person argument or powition but also disagree with part of it qualify
is writing a source ideas into the writer own words paraphrasing
a shortened version of something that has been said or written, containing only the main points summary
a sigh proof of existence of thruth of something or that helps somebody to came to particular conclusion to demonstace or prove something evidence
a final part of something the part of something the part that bring something to a close concusion
linking word or phare or passage that link one subk=ject or idea to another in speech or writing transtion word
usaully apperars near the intdouctory paragraph of a paper and it offers a concise edit
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