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Emerging Tech

Electric Computer first generation computers; operating on electric motors and electromechanical switches
Electronic Computer computer operates on tubes and transistors
Parallel Processing ability of a computing machine to carry out two programs or processes at the same time
Binary System gives instructions to the computing machine in zeros or ones; communicates to the computer how to carry out a function
Transistor device designed to convert sound waves to electronic waves; acts as a resistor by controlling electronic currents
Operating System software which controls the major functions of a computer such as allocating memory to different programs and protecting the computer and information on it from unauthorized access; example: Windows 2010®
Microprocessor “brain” of the computer which processes all information and programs on a computer; also known as integrated circuit, microchip or central processing units (CPU)
Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows a computer to display graphics and images to the user rather than just text on a monitor
Markup Language coding system used to structure text files in a document translating it into a web document
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) complex authoring language which converts text to a language so one may display materials (text, graphics, video) on a web page
Bit binary digit which is the smallest piece of data on a computer; bit can contain one of two values: one or zero; these values are interpreted by the computer and give the computer instructions
Circuit Board “heart” of every machine which all other components of the computer connect to and through to each other
Micron unit of measurement for the width of the smallest wire on a chip
Data Width amount of data calculations a microchip can perform at one time
MIPS How many instructions a computer can translate into functions at one time
RAM memory space on a computer where programs which are running or open are stored so they can be easily accessed
E-Commerce Internet channel to sell and distribute items purchased online
Optical Disc electronic data storage device which is written with a low-powered laser
PostScript programming language specifically to optimize graphics and text for users
Mainframe computer large, complex computer with enough processing capabilities to accommodate large businesses
Radio Telescope gathers radio waves or emissions from stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects
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