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Advanced Spreadsheet

Creating Effective Spreadsheets

Accent A variation on a theme color
Border A line that prints along the side of a table cell or around the outside of selected text
Conditional format A setting that applies formatting only when a cell's value meets a specified condition
Custom color A color you specify as a mixture of red, blue, and green color values, which makes available 17.7 million custom colors - more than the eye can distinguish
Font A set of characters that uses the same typeface, style and size
Font size Determined by point size, which is a unit of measurement equal approximately to 1/72 of an inch
Font style Various ways that fonts can be displayed, such as regular, italic, bold or bold italic, a special attribute applies to the characters of a font
Footer Text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document or at the bottom of every slide in a presentation
Format painter A button that when selected copies a format from one cell range to another
Formatting To change the appearance, not the data, of a workbook
General number format Default number format that automatically displays numbers, for the most part, the same way as you enter them
Header Text that appears at the top of every page in a document
Manual page break A page break you insert anywhere on a page
Merge To combine the main document with a data source
Page break Location in a worksheet that determines where a new page begins
Print area Selected portion of a worksheet to be printed
Print title Information that prints on each page
Standard color A color that is always available regardless of the workbook's theme
Style A saved collection of formatting options - number formats, text alignment, font sizes and colors, borders, and background fills - that can be applied to cells in a worksheet
Table A collection of data arranged in rows and columns
Table style A setting that applies styles to four table elements (header row, first column, last column, and totals row)
Theme A designed collection of formatting options that include colors, graphics, and background images
Theme color The 12 colors that belong to a workbook's theme
Theme font A font associated with a particular design theme and used for headings and body text
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